Considering Dedicated Servers? Here Is What You Need To Know

If you are running an online business, it is very likely that you might be using any of the three basic hosting solutions; dedicated servers, VPS hosting or shared web hosting.Why Dedicated Servers?

Why Dedicated Servers?

You may decide to opt for dedicated servers for a variety of reasons. As the name suggests, with a dedicated server, you get the entire server space and network connection to yourself. Although they may not be a cost-effective option, they are a necessity if your website has high traffic or network suspension will disrupt your business’s activities.

Here are some factors that you need to consider if you have decided to opt for dedicated servers:


The more RAM your dedicated server has, the better its processing capabilities will be. If you think that the website or applications hosted on the server are heavy and will need time to load, opting for a higher memory option will be a good idea. Also, SSDs may prove to be a reliable option.

Operating System

Generally, there are two types of operating systems suitable for a dedicated server: Linux and Windows. Linux can be used for an open source stack, whereas Windows may be a good option for ASP.NET and MS SQL. Make sure you have weighed the costs and benefits of each before finally deciding.

Data Transferring CapacityData Transferring Capacity

Most dedicated servers offer different packages with different bandwidth capacity. Usually, this bandwidth capacity is in Gigabytes. If you think that a lot of data will be transferred to and from your website, you should opt for a higher bandwidth capacity option.


As your website grows, you may want certain scalability options. Consider whether it is easy to add more servers and increase the amount of end users to the dedicated server option you are going for. Make sure there are certain upgrading features, such as increasing disk space or improving processing capacity, in your dedicated server before you decide.

Monitoring and Automation Options

Check if there are monitoring or automation options that your dedicated server offers. For monitoring features, see what resources your web hosting service uses to resolve issues and how frequently does it do so.

As far as automation is concerned, if you lack technical expertise, you may decide to opt for other automation options. This will help you simplify the process and make sure that operations go on smooth and easy.

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