Why host with a dedicated server?

Several startups and new businesses choose shared hosting; it’s low cost being the main reason. However, shared hosting is often not suitable for most of these setups.dedicated server

Once the business takes off, most owners find that their needs have outgrown what shared hosting can offer-this inability to scale is a huge problem.

In contrast, dedicated server offers independent resources, allowing you to optimize the configurations to your business needs. Higher storage, higher bandwidth, more security and less risk of downtime are all great features of dedicated hosting solutions.

Of course, you should not opt for a solution unless you completely understand what it has to offer. So, here is a small guide to help you find your way to the best hosting solution!

Dedicated hosting is a better option for businesses

First and foremost, it eliminates the need to have technical in-house expertise. Most dedicated servers are offered as managed solutions, that is, they are managed entirely by the hosting provider. There will be no more need to worry about untimely problems as we will be there to sort things out for you!

Secondly, dedicated servers are not shared with other users. So, you get all the resources to yourself. No over-use of space or bandwidth, or any security risk because of sharing.

In fact, you will have your own IP address and bandwidth and storage space dedicated fully for your usage. With no risk of other users scrounging on your resources, it will also reduce the chances of sudden downtime. No site crashing or slowing down!

Furthermore, you will have much more flexibility to enact changes, make fixes or additions, and configure your plans according to your business needs.

Managed dedicated solutions are better than both shared hosting and self-managed solutions. You get Managed dedicated solutionsmore resources, higher security and easier scalability without needing to hire a team of experts to maintain the system. No more webmasters needed to fix the problems and/or install security programs.

What do you get at HostSailor?

Everything! We have a wide range of options to help you choose the best plan for your business. Both our Netherland and Romania managed servers offer multiple packages, through HP, DELL and Supermicro servers.

You get even more flexibility by customizing these packages according to your business requirements. At HostSailor, we continuously strive to provide you the best features and solutions, to help you further improve your business productivity and growth.

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