How To Tell If You Need Dedicated Servers

Running a business online and want to improve its efficiency? Do you want a one-step solution to make your business more productive? Or, are you racing to get to the top to reach untapped markets?Need Dedicated Servers

If you’re already using shared or VPS servers, then switching to dedicated ones can give you more freedom. It can also give the much required boost to your business.

But if you’re still contemplating whether or not your business needs to make this move now, consider if you need following features:

1.     Faster response time

When you’re sharing servers, the response time depends on the activities carried out by other users. At peak hours, you will often find work slowing down.

Let’s say, your target audience usually access the site during daytime. If the server usually has a high level of traffic, you risk losing customers. Plus, these problems will be out of your hand to solve.

With dedicated servers, it’s only your site’s traffic that you have to manage. You can plan and mange the traffic accordingly.

2.     Flexibility and software

With shared servers, your access to the operating system is limited. Furthermore, software applications are also limited to the ones provided by the server host.

If you want upgraded software or intend to run advanced database applications, you require a dedicated server. Only after moving to dedicated plan will you be able to install all the required software and optimize the system according to your business needs.

3.     Security

On shared servers, your data and applications are less secure. When multiple users are utilizing the same resources, your data will be exposed to several threats.

On the other hand, dedicated servers protect you as you will have your own firewall. This prevents the likelihood of online threats to the system.

If your business requires storing sensitive information, you should make the switch to dedicated plans.

4.     Scalabilitystrong IT support

With growing business, you need a strong IT support so you can keep up with the market. A higher traffic and constant need for upgrades can only be met through dedicated plans.

You can upgrade RAM processors and applications by yourself. However, we recommend managed dedicated plans to make the switch easier.

We live in an age where technology can be used as a competitive advantage. Leverage off of it. Our Netherlands dedicated servers offer highly affordable options. You can also opt for Romania servers and the several different add-ons available.

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