Are Managed Services with Dedicated Hosting Worth the Hype?

Dedicated hosting is an important part of any enterprise, if website performance, security, reliability, and control are of concern. This kind of hosting, as the name indicates, dedicates the entire server to a single user- talk about control!

Ever came across the term ‘managed services’ used in conjunction with dedicated hosting? Know what that entails? Well, it’s basically a package deal- you get dedicated hosting for your website, complete with the ongoing maintenance and management of the server by your service provider. Dedicated server solution providers also often bundle various services and products to provide more value. Interest piqued yet?

Managed dedicated server providers like have administrators who maintain the dedicated servers. Managed servers provide great value to your website and thus your business; no longer do you have to bother with setting up policies and protocols; no more dealing with the technical nitty-gritty. These issues may not have been seen by the clients or the developers who have been working on the functions too. Getting a managed server hosting provider is an important decision and security is a major consideration when selecting that provider.

Let’s see if managed dedicated servers are worth all the hype!

Security services

A managed server provider offers the best security solutions to its customers which helps the business prosper and expand to great heights. When a dedicated server is managed, clients would not have to be worried about threats like system hacks as firewall checks and other security measures would be in place.

Server Monitoring and Recovery

Daily monitoring deals with issues proactively. Recovery teams are in place at all times who keep a check on any program that needs maintenance. The technical team monitors the servers continuously.

Customization to Meet Needs

A managed hosting solution is flexible as it can be customized as per the client’s need and individual requirements. It is also possible to select various services that are most critical to your business and affordable according to your budget.

Backup Services

You no longer have to worry about losing important files that you may lose during unfortunate mishaps. Having the services of a managed dedicated hosting will have a backup of all your files on the cloud where they will be safe from getting corrupted, hacked or deleted. You will be able to recover the lost files in a jiffy.

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