Not Using Dedicated Hosting? You’re Losing Out!

For small companies, shared hosting services would not harm their business as they are just starting out and probably won’t have a lot of traffic on their website. Having shared hosting means you would be sharing your server with other website owners. This would cause it to slow down, causing issues for your business; you would also have very little control over the server itself. For larger organizations shared server hosting is not recommended. Upgrading to dedicated hosting is recommended.

For businesses which have resource intensive websites that generate a lot of traffic, dedicated servers have far greater benefits for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using dedicated hosting servers:

Dedicated Hosting is Reliable

Dedicated hosting provides users with individual bandwidth that is required for your website; in a shared server hosting, other users may be using it all up. Dedicated servers allow your website to handle considerable traffic and media with ease without causing the website to crash or become unresponsive. The website will always have access to all the resources it needs to stay online.

Dedicated server hosting provides more control

Dedicated servers give the business complete control over the website. Managed dedicated servers are even better as they allow you to focus on core aspects while the server management is provided by the service provider. Dedicated server hosting allows administrative access to the server, meaning that you will be able to install software and monitor your resources. You will also be able to identify any issues before they are able to affect your website.

Dedicated Hosting is secure

The resources on the server are dedicated solely to your business. A managed server hosting also would include 24/7 monitoring making the server secure at all times. Managed hosting by HostSailor also provides regular operating system updates, security updates, and more to keep your server protected from hackers or viruses.

Dedicated Hosting provides additional technical support

Investing in dedicated hosting will allow you to have the opportunity of receiving technical support from the hosting company. At HostSailor, we have trained professionals on call who will help resolve any issues you have quickly. The trained professionals are available throughout the day and will provide you with sound advice for any website issues or server changes you need to make.

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