Should You Opt For Your Own Dedicated Server?

Dedicated hosting has often been a choice option for established businesses and enterprises. Many small to medium sized businesses feel they’re better off with shared or VPS servers.VPS servers

While all hosting solutions have their own benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t evaluate your options to find a more efficient hosting solution.

Here’s a list of reasons to opt for dedicated options today!

Better security and compliance

Cyber criminals have started targeting SMBs; it is easier for them to access the systems.

The lack of efficient security modules make you vulnerable to such attacks. You risk losing customer data, business plans and other important information stored on your servers.

Shared resources put you at a greater risk as not every user will take the same precautionary steps to protect the server. Take the security of your data in your hands and opt for dedicated servers.

More control

With shared resources, you lack control over the server. If you want efficient systems, then switching to a dedicated hosting plan is a better option. No other users are working on the same server, and you get all the resources to yourself.

If brand management is a huge aspect of your marketing strategy, then you want to ensure nothing hurts your business’s reputation.

Predictability and performance

When you’re the only one using a server, it is easier to plan for your business’s growth. With time, you’ll need more resources. You can easily track your usage and upgrade packages accordingly. This allows you to offer the best to your customers and end users.

You have the freedom to choose the setup as per your need. With tweaks and fine tuning, you can customize the server, enhancing it for your applications and processes.

Managed options

dedicated hosting
dedicated hosting

Having optimal control doesn’t mean you’re left on your own. In fact, we work with you at every step.

Moreover, we provide you with fully managed dedicated packages, helping you respond quickly to errors or issues that may crop up over time.

We understand that moving to dedicated hosting can be a big decision for your business. We are here to ease the process. With our affordable yet flexible packages, you can upgrade without a second thought.

Choose a package, talk to our representative or directly sign up for your favorite managed dedicated server. You can opt for a HP, Dell or Supermicro servers, depending on your individual needs and budget specifications.

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