Optimizing VPS For Performance

Keeping client preferences and requirements at the forefront, at HostSailor, we provide managed Netherland (NL) and Romania (RO) VPS services, with default configurations. As our clients continue to use our services, they need to know that the configuration of VPS might require some changes.

Optimizing VPS For Performance

Although we provide 24/7 customer support and a 99.9% guarantee for uptime, we still keep our clients updated with tips and techniques they can use to make appropriate changes in order to minimize load and improve site response times. This includes a blend of caching, closely analyzing performance metrics and making the most out of a content delivery network.

Here are few things we would like you to keep an eye out for:

Apache Settings

Your network administrators and IT staff constantly need to check for updates on your Apache web server loads as they play the most important role in keeping your website active and accessible. There are a number of different settings here like MaxClients, KeepAlive and StartServers that can be tweaked to streamline performance. We have a complete technical support team that can help you out here.

Cache Content

Excessive usage of RAM may also contribute to slow site response times. Static website content and files take up a lot of resources with repeated access requests. However, these problems can now be easily solved with tools like Memcache to optimize aspects like static content. Consequently, this can help you keep the website running faster and reducing avoidable load.

Updating MySQL Versions

All your data is stored in the MySQL database. As your website ages, the amount of online traffic and data input also increases. With many of the tools available on the market it is possible to optimize the performance of MySQL. It is better to leave this part to our pros to configure MySQL in a manner that it is optimized for efficiency.

Implementing A CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) helps shorten the distance between your website visitors and servers by storing static content nodes around the globe. This allows for faster delivery of content and better page load times by freeing up server resources.

All of these features help our experts maintain our managed VPS services for our valued clients around the world. Are you looking for Windows Netherland and Romania VPS server hosting services? We can help you out! Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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