Reasons why you should choose dedicated servers

Large and small businesses are all faced with a wide range of options for hosting their websites or mail server. However, the two most common options are shared and dedicated hosting.

A shared server, as the name implicates has multiple website running on a single server. All the resources are shared including features like uptime and downtime. However, companies looking for more control and power may need a service provider that offers dedicated server options as well. With dedicated hosting, a client rents out a server from a dedicated hosting provider and has exclusive use of that server and all its resources. As the provider builds and maintains the server, it eliminates the cost of purchasing a new one.

dedicated servers

If you are currently looking for server solutions to host your website, here is why you should choose our managed Netherlands dedicated servers:

Access To All Server Resources

When you choose a dedicated hosting provider, you get to access to all of the server resources for yourself. You don’t really need to worry about any other websites clogging the RAM or CPU, you can be sure that bad scripts running on other websites won’t slow you down.

Enhanced Security

When you have your website hosted on a dedicated server, you can be sure that you aren’t sharing any space with a malicious website or a spammer. Dedicated hosting allow for enhanced security that is especially important for companies handling sensitive data over FTP and SSL.

Enhanced Performance

Choosing a dedicated hosting service provider guarantees maximum uptime for your online presence. Shared hosting is often suitable for websites that have lower volumes of traffic and customer data. If your website has heavy user interface, delivers a rich experience and has a lot of incoming traffic, a managed Netherlands dedicated server can provide more reliability and stability.


A dedicated server also gives you the much needed option of flexibility of customizing the server to the unique needs of clients for CPU, storage space and RAM. You can actually design a server that you feel fits your needs instead of settling for predefined, shared servers. This also gives you more control over how server resources are shared and used.

No Need To Purchase Server Equipment

The best part about using dedicated servers and especially our NL dedicated servers, is that you don’t need to cover the costs for hardware and setup. As a leading dedicated hosting company we have a huge number of dedicated servers that are ready to be integrated with your data within the least time possible.

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