Should You Go For Managed Or Unmanaged Hosting?

If you’re looking for a new hosting plan, you’re probably wondering if you should buy a managed or unmanaged hosting solution.Managed Or Unmanaged Hosting

While it’s tempting to base your decision on cost alone, picking the wrong plan for your business can cost you more in the long run.

Major difference between managed and unmanaged hosting

Managed hosting comes with an almost complete support. The host offers support to a user for every problem that may come up, routine task as well as emergency issues.

The whole server set-up, including the operating system, control panel and pre-installed applications, all are supported by the host. This service may even come with monitoring and automated backup.

Unmanaged hosting has no management support from the host. This makes it comparatively cheaper. However, the lack of routine support makes it difficult for users to work with it. Your host will keep the operations running by replacing failed parts, maintaining network and rebooting the system. However, you’ll be left to install and address software issues yourself.

This can be extremely difficult for an individual without proper tech knowledge. Furthermore, it requires you to be available for emergency issues that need to be addressed immediately.

You have to maintain as well as control everything. From installing security patches to fixing error messages, you will have plenty to deal with. Some hosts don’t even provide web server software or a control panel, further adding up to the task.

Support is available from the host in some cases, but they charge you on an hourly basis for help. This can rise up to a huge sum. Ultimately, in the long run, you will be spending more on the unmanaged server.

What solution should you go for?

While it’s true that unmanaged hosting can be cheaper, the cost difference isn’t much. The managed plans come with a plethora of services and support, without the need to pay for addressing any emergency software issue.

Managed hosting allows you to focus on your business and related tasks. If you’re not comfortable dealing with the software all on your own, then you should go for the managed plan.

We provide a number of managed hosting options, including Netherland and Romania servers. Our plans are reliable and come with highly affordable rates.

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