SSD Hosting Made Simple – What is It and What are Its Advantages?

You want to start your own business website. For that, you are exploring different web hosting options available in the market.SSD Hosting

VPS hosting, cloud hosting, HDD hosting and dedicated hosting; these are some hosting plans that you have so far come across during your research. Until something—seemingly hyperbolic—gets your attention on the internet:

“Get affordable SSD hosting and make your website superfast!”

It has got you thinking, and at the same time has left you confused; you don’t really know what SSD hosting is and whether the technology is meant to deliver.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

What is SSD Hosting?

SSD hosting is a type of hosting service that utilizes SSD fitted servers as opposed to the servers that come fitted with traditional hard-drives.

You may ask, “What hard-drives have to do with web hosting?”.

To put it in simple words, just like a hard-drive helps you store and retrieve information while using your computer or laptop; it also helps to store your website’s content and distribute it to your website visitors when they access your website.

Now that you know the importance of hard-drives for servers and in web hosting, you may ask:

What’s the difference between a SSD storage device and a traditional hard-drive?

Difference Between SSDs and Traditional Hard-Drives

Traditional hard-drives also known as HDD, are electro-mechanical devices. They have an arm that writes and reads data to and from a spinning disk. The rotation speed of the spinning disk, determines how fast data can be read or written. Servers that come fitted with HDD form the sustaining core of HDD web hosting services.

SSDs on the other hand are purely electronic devices. They don’t have any mechanical parts and data is sent and retrieved electronically. SSD hosting servers use SSD storage devices for operation.

But Why Use SSD?

Since SSDs are completely electronic devices, the speed at which they read and write data is faster than what a traditional hard-drive is capable of.

Faster speed means, servers that come fitted with SSDs are faster than HDD servers and thus give better performance.

And, when you have a high performing server, naturally your website loading and navigation speed is fast.

So, as far as the reliability of the claim is concerned that SSD hosting makes your website superfast.

Super-Fast Website – What Does It Mean for Your Business?

It means:

  • Improved online experience for your customers.
  • Higher sales.
  • Convenient and prompt online content distribution.
  • Higher ranking on search engine result pages.
  • Getting ahead of your competition.

Simply put, more business!

Are There Any Other Advantages of SSD Hosting?

Yes, there are.

Since SSD servers don’t rely on mechanical components for their operation, it means that they are protected against mechanical component failures. This means higher data security.

Further, SSD servers produce less heat and require low power for their operations. This means greener IT operations.

So, are you thinking about getting your website hosted on a SSD server?

We can help. At HostSailor, we offer shared SSD hosting plans that superpower your website and are also tailored for affordability to accommodate businesses of all sizes. As your go to SSD shared hosting providers, we make sure you get the most secured and fastest SSD shared hosting services.

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