Is SSD A Superior Choice For Hosting Over HDD?

SSD or solid state drives is the advanced option over traditional hard disc drive (HDD). Faster and more efficient, they come with a host of perks!hard disc drive (HDD)

Speed is a key factor when purchasing a hosting package. It is more important to have a fast connection when you’re sharing hosting resources.

SSD helps your business grow, offering a reliable connection, faster loading time, and reduced downtime.

If you’re hosting a business site, you also want to be ranked higher on search engines. Google, for example, factors a page’s load time in ranking.

·        SSD improves business efficiency

We all know that speed counts. Your business’s growth depends on your ability to perform various operations quickly. Faster hosting will help you reach your goal sooner.

In contrast, slow speed can reduce your business’s productivity. At its best, it will annoy your employees and customers. At its worst, it will take away loyal customers, severely affecting your business.

Switching to SSD shared hosting can prevent these problems from arising.

·        SSD offers higher reliability

Mechanical devices, such as hard drives, come with its set of risks, no matter how minimal. Hardware failures can occur from time to time. This may result in downtime, which can affect your productivity.

In comparison, SSD is an electronic device. It is more sophisticated, promising steady results. Although hard drives have become more reliable in recent years, it is nowhere near the potential lifespan of SSDs.

Choosing SSD hosting, you’re sure to have an excellent start! It’s only going to get better with time.

·        SSD have a greener side tooSSDs

SSDs require much less resources than your traditional hard drives. For instance, they consume one-fifth of the electricity required by HDDs.

They also generate less amount of heat, saving on the cooling costs. Data centers use cooling equipment to keep the temperatures from rising. It also results in a lot of noise.

Consider the amount of data held at a data center. It is precious and must be kept in a safe and secure environment.  This necessitates a lot more energy, but it can be reduced to almost one-fifth by using SSDs.

What’s the verdict?

SSDs are more efficient storage devices, offers faster hosting, higher business productivity and more chances to grow¾all of this without being a burden on the environment.

It is definitely superior to HDDs!

Interested in making the move? Choose our SSD shared hosting or SSD VPS server options. At HostSailor, you’re sure to find a suitable package for your business needs.

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