Why SSD Web Hosting is the Right Choice for WordPress Websites

With more than 50 percent of the share in global CMS market, WordPress is the leading website development platform.SSD Web Hosting

If current trends are any indication, the platform will continue to rise in popularity.As a business, it is very likely that you will be using a WordPress website.

Solid State Disk, or SSD, hosting has become a preferred choice for many WordPress website owners. Here are some reasons why it is an incredible choice:

It Offers Enhanced Speed and Performance

The problem with Hard Disk Drive, or HDD, was that it required magnetic disks to rotate to read and write data. This meant data would take more time to load.

Since the SSDs do not require any physical movement and store data in a non-volatile form, it can provide faster speeds and enhanced website performance. From data transfer to loading times, SSD servers have taken WordPress hosting to another level.

It Offers Greater Uptime Rates

Most of the hosting services that offer SSD hosting provide uptime rates as high as 99.9%.This means that a business’s website will only be dysfunctional for a negligible amount of time.It is possible because of the enhanced features of the SSD mechanism.

With increased uptime rates, your business’s website (your virtual salesman) will almost always be up and running.

It is more Reliable and Secure

With HDDs, any slight mishandling could render data useless. This is because it has physical parts that are vulnerable to damage.

On the other hand, SSDsdonothave this limitation.They are not vulnerable to issues, such as wear and tear, power shortage, fragmentation, etc.

All of this makes SSD hosting a safer hosting platform.

It Offers Greater StabilityGreater Stability

Before the data is presented to the end-user, a lot of encryption and decryption is going on behind the scenes.

Since, the information is not stored physically on SSDs; the process goes on quite smoothly. This ensures online stability of your website.

It is great for SEO

SSD hosting ensures that your website stays fast and is always up and running. This is a major ranking factor as far as the search engine king, Google, is concerned.

This is because Google values user-experience above everything else.With SSD shared hosting, you provide a great user-experience and Google rewards you.

We at HostSailor are a team of savvy tech professionals. Thoroughly understanding the current digital competitive landscape, we provide reasonable SSD shared hosting packages for WordPress websites.

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