Three Ways Managed Hosting Solutions Helps Your Business

When it comes to newer or smaller businesses, shared hosting is a more commonly availed service. Although it costs less, it also offers much less in terms of resources.Managed Hosting Solutions

In contrast, managed VPS and dedicated services provide a number of perks. Managed hosting provides you with a more secure, flexible and affordable option.

Want to have your own dedicated hosting? Then opt for managed hosting options, you get all the benefits without having to manage it yourself!

1.     Promises higher security

Having a dedicated server means you’re not sharing resources with other users. Data on servers with the same backend can be easily compromised. With dedicated servers, you have no connection to other users. This means you won’t be vulnerable to attacks if one user’s data gets affected.

A security problem or other issues can come up at ungodly hours. In most cases, you can’t wait until the next day to resolve them. Managed services come with a team of dedicated support staff who has the skills to prevent and sort out any issue you might be facing. Noticing a problem in time and resolving it quickly will keep you afloat!

2.     Has more flexibilityManaged hosting grows

A company’s requirements change over time with growing business. Type of work, clients, and growth all needs to be accommodated. With managed services, you get an easy access to the right tools.

Managed hosting grows with the clients. When you need more resources, you can get them within a day. Their staff is dedicated to immediately meet your needs. Unmanaged services will take at least a week.

You can also update your software to newer technology. The staff is available round the clock, allowing you to take advantage of newer features. At HostSailor, we make sure that our staff remains in touch with you.

3.     More affordable than in-house hosting

Managed dedicated servers give you a middle ground. You can have complete control without needing to be technically fluent. Not only you have all the resources available, but they’re customizable as well.

You also don’t need to invest in the equipment or hire staff. The total cost is automatically reduced. You get all the services for a fraction of what you would be spending on the equipment alone.

Managed dedicated servers are the best option for any business. Find a perfect solution with our Romania managed servers and get back to your business!

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