HostSailor SSD Hosting Instead of HDDs. Why?

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Conventional hosting services utilize spinning HDDs, which makes websites or web applications hosted on these run slowly. These disk drives are slow because of the considerable amount of time taken by the movement of various parts inside the drive. You can install a number of plugins, third-party services and general strategies and all to enhance performance of your website, however, there is not a lot that you can do when the core performance of the hosting server is way too slow.

With SSDs, on the other hand, data is being read and written at the same time. So, the web browsing experience will be a lot more pleasant owing to the much-reduced loading time. SSD web hosting deals with the core of this issue, and enhances disk caching performance that you would see when used along with plugins. The additional advantages of SSD web hosting will ripple through each layer of your website – from file access and database queries to usability.

Why HostSailor’s SSD Hosting

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We run web servers containing this non-volatile storage memory in our Romania data centers. With our SSD hosting plans, you have the option to go for servers running on Windows or Linux, and many different hosting packages featuring Linux OS. As additional benefits, our packages come with free SSL certificates, DDoS protection, unlimited email accounts and much more.

When it comes to our VPS hosting, then you can pick our OpenVZ server. The server being scalable, allows you to have more storage and memory for your sites as per your requirement. This plan is thus suitable for business websites that have complex applications or having heavy traffic.

So, start planning to move to an SSD web hosting today. HostSailor’s SSD servers are all managed, comes with 24/7 technical support and DDoS protection. Contact us today.

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