Hostsailor’s Green Web Hosting Services

Green Web Hosting Services

Hostsailor’s Green Web Hosting Services

HostSailor provides many different types of web hosting services, which come with the assurance of eco-friendly practices that maintain resource efficiency while minimizing environmental footprint. In short, we are a green web hosting service.

How Does It Help That HostSailor Is A Green Web Host?

Most data centers which keep websites up and running, consume considerable amounts of energy just to run numerous racks of servers in top performance order, and keep them at it round-the-clock. This covers enhanced security setups and cooling controls, and the needs therein are met by burning carbon-basedfuels emitting pollutants. By contrast, HostSailor’s data centers are powered close to fully by renewable energy. In other words, we actively and routinely use eco-friendly initiatives that keep from harming the environment.

Green Web Hosting Providers

HostSailor’s Green Servers

We deploy and maintain green servers in each of our service types and tiers. Our shared hosting service option offers clients the opportunity to use the massive, reliable functionality of Leviathan, Perseus, Zigra, Kraken, and Osiris servers. Our green VPS hosting options include OpenVZ, Xen, and KVM (Linux /Windows) green servers. Under dedicated green hosting, we provide clients with the benefits of having an HP (Netherlands location), Supermicro (Romania Location) server working 24/7 to keep websites and applications running smoothly.

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