How to buy a domain name forever? – An Easy Guide!

How to buy a domain name forever?


How to buy a domain name forever? -
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 Technically, a domain name cannot be purchased forever; however, it can be leased and then renewed at the end of the initial term. So once you build a website, you’ve got to decide on what your domain name will be. A domain name purchase is one of the most important steps in launching a blog, personal website, or online business because the internet has permeated every aspect of our lives. Users wouldn’t be able to reach your website on the internet easily without one.

Fortunately, registering a domain name is a simple process that even novices can finish in a few minutes. Therefore, you might wish to choose to buy a domain name from the host for an indefinite period of time rather than purchasing it for a certain time and renewing it. As long as the host company is still in business, you can still use your domain name. Therefore, the concept of “forever” domain registration, whereby you make a single payment and hold the name for life, maybe appeal to end users. However, your domain name would be lost if the business fails. A lifetime domain can be purchased in two different ways which are the first method to just purchase the domain and the second option is to purchase web hosting. 

When purchasing your domain, you must comprehend a few important terms, which are;

The Best forms of buying a domain name:

Domain Registrar: A business that administers and registers domain names. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) accreditation is granted to domain registrars (ICANN).

Domain Checker: A program that determines who is the domain’s owner and how long they have had it. The ICANN data lookup is one of the most used checks.

Top-Level Domains: (TLDs): The domain’s ending suffix, such as “” These come in four varieties: Country-code TLDs, sponsored TLDs, generic TLDs, new generic TLDs, and TLDs with country codes like “.au” or “.us” (like .io)

A step-by-step guide to getting a domain or web-hosting service for life:

  • Domain registrar

Step 1

Buy a domain name through the domain registrar that you want. This will cost a little or a huge amount of dollars per year. The domain registrar’s price will differ.

Step 2

Note the precise day that you bought your domain name. Place the date where you will notice it to help you recall it at all times. The date can be kept on an electronic calendar if you’d like.


Step 3

Wait until your domain name renewal is almost due. The domain name will expire exactly one year after the date you recorded in the previous step. Use the login name and password you created when you bought the domain to access your domain manager tool.

Step 4

Select “Renew” under the domain name choice. To renew the domain for an additional year, you will be required to input the details of a valid credit card. Many domain name registrars provide you the option to choose “Recurring Payment.” The cost of your domain renewal will be automatically debited from your credit card each year if you choose the recurring payment option.

Step 5

Follow steps three and four again to secure a lifetime domain name.


  • Buy web hosting

Step 1

When selecting a web hosting plan, look for a company that provides a lifetime domain. Depending on the web hosting company, a hosting bundle may cost you $10 or more per month.

Step 2

Select the domain name you want to use forever. When you sign up for web hosting, this should be done.

Step 3

Each month, pay your site hosting bill in full. You can keep the domain for as long as you pay your web hosting fee on time.

Step 4

Do not let your web-hosting account expire. Do not cancel your web-hosting service. If you let the account expire or cancel your service, you will also lose the domain name.


Buying the cheapest domain name:

Depending on the service you use, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to get everything set up, which includes filling out forms and paying for your domain’s registration. Domain costs vary based on the extensions. Factors that determine a domain’s price include the registrar through which you purchase the domain as well as the domain’s availability and popularity.


The top-most choices for the best and cheapest domain name registration:

The top-most choices for the best and cheapest domain name registration
Domain Name Registration
  • Hostsailor:

Having proved to be a reliable provider of VPS hosting, its offers unique products and services which are available at competitive prices on HostSailor, in my opinion, is the best hosting solution because even if you are still sharing the actual server with other users, it promotes the sensation of a dedicated server.

Here are the five steps to buying domain names:

  • Find a Credible Domain Registrar
  • Run a domain name search
  • Pick your domain
  • Complete the domain registration
  • Verify domain name and ownership


Cost to buy a domain name!

Buying a new domain generally costs between $10 and $20 a year. Price differences depend on which registrar you buy your domain name from, what kind of domain you’re buying or what kind of payment system you are using.

The one with a high price is due to some extensions being more desired than others. It’s usually a good idea to take into account one of the less well-known extensions, even if they look strange. Since they’re more recent, you might get lucky and score a truly awesome domain name for branding and SEO.

So to buy a domain name, you’ll have to purchase it through a domain name registrar. Registrars are simply companies that manage the reservation of domain names. Upfront and add-on prices vary between registrars, but we’ll break down the costs to look out for, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of potential registrars. Generally, once you’ve decided which service to use for registering your domain, all that’s left is to pick the perfect name and make a purchase.



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