How To Distinguishe Between Web Hosting And Domain Name?

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The majority of the population is not fully aware of distinguishing between web hosting and domain name. This post aims at outlining the basic dissimilarity betwixt the two.

Web Hosting 

The server space wherein all of your website’s data resides is web hosting. If the domain name is considered the address of the website, web hosting is the actual house that can be found in the address. All websites will need web hosting and there are different types of web hosting like VPS hosting, and shared server hosting, etc.

When a user enters the domain name of a website in the web browser, it is changed into the IP address of the server of the hosting company. It is in this server that the files of your website reside and the server sends back the files to the browser of the user. Web hosting service providers store and serve websites, and they offer various types of hosting plans to suit the varying needs of their customers.

 Domain Name 

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The website address which we type in the URL bar of the web browser is the domain name. The internet can be considered a big network of computers that are connected and to identify these computers, each one of them is assigned an IP address, which is a combination of numbers that are separated by dots. It can be difficult for us to remember and use these numbers while using the internet and to solve this, domain names were introduced.

Domain names will have words that can be remembered easily. If you need to visit a website, you don’t need to type in a string of numbers. Instead, you just have to type in the domain name of the website, for instance,

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