How To Start A Successful Reseller Hosting Business

reseller hosting business

Want To Start A Successful Reseller Hosting Business – Know How


Reseller hosting business is relatively a simple type of hosting business. In it, a small or medium-sized business provides hosting solutions to its clients without owning any server hardware. In this type of hosting, server resources are rented from a web hosting provider. These resources are then rebranded by the reseller. Once done, it is rented again to their customers. Reseller hosting businesses buy a reseller hosting plan from a major web hosting service provider. They then create customized plans and resell them for a profit.


What Is Behind The Popularity Of Reseller Hosting Plans?

The need for customized hosting solutions is increasing among businesses. For many people, the world of web hosting is highly complicated. Naturally, they will need help when starting and running a website. Bigger web hosting companies will not be able to provide such help and support all the time. Even though customer support services are available, they might not be enough to cater to all. Moreover, web hosting companies have fixed plans that they cannot stray away from.

As per the statistics, there are many people who are in need of customized and personalized hosting plans. Reseller hosting providers can be the ideal option for these people.

Reseller hosting business can also be beneficial for the resellers. This type of hosting does not need much initial capital or technical skills. That makes it a profitable and practical business that many people can embark on.

reseller hosting business

Starting A Successful Reseller Hosting Business

Follow the steps shared below to start a successful reseller hosting business.


• Select A reliable Web Hosting Provider

This is one of the most important steps in starting a reseller hosting business. As you will not own or maintain any server hardware, it is important to find a hosting service provider that does things properly. You need to review the hosting service provider extensively before selecting one. You may look online for reseller hosting plan reviews. It will help to know more about the hosting provider of your choice. Additionally, ensure that the business owns its hardware and has full access to it.

The final step is to look for uptime figures from users of the service provider. The reliability of the server is dependent on the uptime. This is because when the server fails, all the websites hosted on the server will also fail. Therefore, it is important that the hosting service provider has great uptime figures.


• Never Go Overboard With The Reseller Hosting Plan

When buying a reseller hosting plan, you are renting server resources. This means that you will get storage, RAM, and CPU cores. The more resources you buy, the higher will be the costs. Therefore, do not overbuy the resources in the starting stage. Before providing reseller hosting services, research the number of customers you plan to have at a particular time. You need to understand that every business takes time to gain traction. Overestimating will add to the monthly expenses of your business. With that, you will have to pay for resources that you are not using. You may instead choose a reseller hosting plan that ensures easy upgrades. It is best to opt for a base plan initially. You can then scale up with the increase in resource requirements.


• Choose A Niche

Setting up a few hosting plans and putting them online will not ensure the success of your reseller hosting business. There are numerous web hosting service providers out there. Certainly, the competition can be very tight. Therefore, you need to choose a niche and then cater to it. For instance, you may plan to be the web hosting provider for bloggers. For this, you need to cater your hosting plans to suit the requirements of bloggers. You will need shared hosting plans that are inexpensive. You should also be prepared to help bloggers to set up their blogs. Whatever be the niche of your choice, you need to tailor your hosting plans to cater to the customers of the niche.


• Design Your Own Hosting Plans

Many people opt for reseller hosting providers in the initial phase. It is because they do not need the standard hosting plans offered by large hosting companies at that stage. Therefore, replicating the popular choices in the industry will not do you any good. Instead, you may design your own customized hosting solutions. Ones that can cater to the specific requirements of your target customers.

reseller hosting plans

•Ensure Good Customer Support

Customer support plays a vital role in the success of a reseller hosting business. The personalized support offered by reseller hosting businesses is one of the main reasons customers opt for such services. As per the industry experts, there should be a minimum of two ways for a client to contact your reseller hosting business. The more ways you provide, the better. You can provide email, chat, and phone support. Maybe even more, to ensure that your customers get help whenever needed.

Another important thing with customer support is the timely resolution of problems. You may have many ways by which customers can contact you. But, if the issue is not attended to or resolved in a reasonable timeframe, all the support channels will be in vain. Therefore, ensure ways in which technical issues faced by customers can be resolved as quickly as possible.


• Have Robust Marketing

Having a robust marketing plan is necessary for the success of any business. If you do not market your product, no one will know about your product. Hence, there will not be any sales. Therefore, it is necessary to build and implement strong online marketing strategies. You may upload useful content on your site initially. Many also advertise via social media channels, Google, and other online platforms. Try to get on popular forums and answer questions of people and let them know about your services. Do everything you can to increase the online visibility of your business.



Reseller hosting is a business that is getting more and more popular these days. Web designers and developers are offering hosting services to their clients to increase their profit. The complete reseller hosting business is based on a fact. The fact that users are willing to pay for hosting plans that are personalized and customized. You can also capitalize on the popularity of reseller hosting and ensure a big chunk of the profit pie.

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