Introducing New Dedicated Hosting Solutions!

We’re excited to announce newer and better dedicated hosting packages through our Romania servers. HostSailor has amped up the dedicated hosting platform to offer higher performance solutions for your personal and business websites.Dedicated Hosting Solutions

These packages have been introduced to meet the increasing demands of online businesses. Our servers offer improved processing power as well as memory for optimal performance.

So, what’s new on the Romania based Supermicro servers? Option to choose any package with HDD or SSD!

Your choice of storage!

Our clients can attest to the fact that HostSailor’s dedicated packages have amazing computing speeds. With speed and higher proficiency, you need more storage too.

We make sure you can choose any of the storage type you want. Now, all our Romania based dedicated hosting packages offer a choice between HDD and SSD. You can opt for any of them without paying additional amount!

How do you choose, then? It’s simple; if you need a lot more storage but it doesn’t have to be super fast, then HDD is your best option. On the other hand, go for SSD storage if your site demands higher speed than space.

Of course, both work just fine if your site isn’t particularly demanding on any of these fronts.

Improved scalabilityImproved scalability

This is one benefit that most of our clients cherish: the ability to scale your package as your computing needs grow. When businesses expand, they need more resources. And, that’s what we make available to you, no matter what package you’re on!

With five different package options, you can choose any package that suits your current needs. When you need to upgrade a package, just let us know and we’ll shift you up!

Scalability is not only offered with higher packages. We have 10 different add-ons as of now, which you can opt to personalize your package. Need a Windows Server License or additional bandwidth? We’ve got you covered.

Lots of freebies!

What’s better than an efficient, affordable package? An efficient, affordable package which comes with a lot of freebies!

All our Romania based dedicated hosting packages come with free 20 Gbps DDoS mitigation. Plus, the incoming bandwidth is free for each of these packages.

And, of course, technical help and customer support is only a call or live chat away¾no matter what time it is on your local network!

Don’t take our word for it¾try it yourself! We have a streamlined sign up process, allowing you to quickly get the package you want. Check out your options here.

HostSailor also offers Netherlands dedicated servers, virtual servers and shared hosting servers.

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