IPTV Xtreme Hosting- Opportunities for resellers!

IPTV Xtreme Hosting- Opportunities for resellers




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IPTV reseller Xtreme Hosting

What is IPTV?

One of the effects of digital convergence is the ability to send and receive content over the Internet. Streaming of visual and musical content over the Internet is now a prime method for people to access movies, TV programmes and music. IPTV is one of these new options and gives resellers an opportunity to host and stream content. Xtreme is an example.

Simply put, IPTV is a system where a digital television service is delivered using the Internet protocol technology over a broadband or internet connection.  Live or recorded content.   It isn’t quite the same as Netflix or YouTube, but it has many similarities.  An advantage is that a single IPTV subscription can be shared by all devices connected to the same Internet connection. Ideal for home.


How does IPTV Xtreme Hosting work?



It’s very simple really.  IPTV Xtreme Hosting works like Internet browsing. You surf IPTV content sites and click on the one you want to watch. The content is then delivered from one or more content servers ready for viewing.

There are several interactive viewing modes:

  • Standard TV Channels.
  • Video on demand (“VOD”). Subscribers can watch anything kept in the VoD server library.
  • Near VOD. Basically pay-per-view of a predefined schedule.
  • Time-Shifting. Users can watch as-Live TV at a later time and can fast-forward through the adverts and rewind as they wish.
  • Pre-defined recording of TV series or complete channels for later viewing; and
  • Live TV. Watching in exactly the same way as with conventional TV.


What does the Viewer need?

4 points determine the Viewer needs

The viewer needs:

  • A set-top box or an STB emulator for direct viewing on a TV; and/or
  • An app for watching on a computer or smart device.
  • A high-speed Internet connection. Most suppliers recommend at least 56K download speed.
  • A subscription to an Internet ISP and content provider.


IPTV Opportunities for resellers!


The growth in Internet coverage and the availability of digital content has given resellers a great opportunity to add IPTV to their range of products and become IPTV hosting resellers.

The IPTV Xtreme Hosting market is predicted to grow dramatically in the coming years. Lockdowns and forced stays at home have increased its attractiveness.

Zion Research predicts a CAGR of about 18% year on year and a market of around $93.5Billion in 2021.  It was $35Billion in 2015. Another research organisation, Transparency Market Research predicted revenues of just under $80 Million by 2020, and again a CAGR of 18%. Coherent Market Insights predict a market of $270 Billion in 2027.

Resellers contemplating another income stream should take a look at providing IPTV services.  However, it is a new and developing market.  Cable service companies are particularly active in this market as they see their revenue from traditional income streams falling.  For example, they were forced to introduce HD streaming services as their users migrated away to use HD services from IPTV suppliers. While the delivery mechanism, the Internet, is unlikely to change, there may be technology changes over time as new services are introduced.

The basic architecture is probably already in place in the hosting reseller’s data centre.

To become a flawless hosting IPTV reseller, they will need:

  • A content source.
  • Dedicated storage for digital content.
  • An Internet connection.
  • Software to manage the content selection, and user commands like rewind. And
  • A paywall or other monetising method.

In some resellers, this is implemented in a separate VoD infrastructure outside their other offerings. There are also “VoD in a box” resellers, such as MUVI for whom the reseller can act as a reseller.


Xtreme for example, offer a managed service that the reseller can simply install. If you need more information about your needs, Don’t worry our team apply all the information you need, Just contact us.






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