Is It Time To Switch From Shared Hosting To VPS Hosting?

VPS HostingIf you own a business and are looking to extend it further, then this guide is for you! Ever heard of VPS hosting? Here’s what it means.

Virtual private hosting (VPS) is a hosting service with its own operating system. It also has separate server resources allocated to a user which are part of a bigger server. So while it is shared hosting, it comes with dedicated resources. More like, best of both worlds…

Is a VPS server the right choice for you?

Most users opt for VPS service because it provides considerably more resources to them. On the other hand, shared hosting offers only limited CPU resources, even on a so called ‘unlimited service plan’.

VPS also offers better control and safety for users. People wary of taking technological responsibilities in their hands first tend to try out VPS before moving to dedicated servers.

Is it time for you to make the switch?

Businesses usually start out in the digital world with a shared hosting. It is an easy-to-use option and meets the requirements of a company which is only starting out. However, as a company grows, its needs for hosting resources increase too.

This is when a company decides to switch to VPS hosting. But, are there any tell-tale signs to help you make the switch on time? Of course there are!

1.      You’re pulling too many resources

When your workload increases, you need enough resources to get things done. You start using more resources than the other businesses on a shared plan. It will affect the availability of resources for other users and you will be notified of the same.

Even if you don’t receive a notification, keep a track on your resource allocation and usage. Are you constantly trying to limit your activity? Then, it’s time to make the switch!

2.      You need more reliability

pulling too many resourcesYou want a stable stream of resources on which you can rely, while your business grows. You also need better backups, higher monitoring ability and enhanced security. You want to be able to secure your data from fraudulent activities. Not sharing the resources means not sharing any viruses and malware attacks too.

3.      Better control and access

VPS gives you better control over your resources. You have an access to server configurations and can customize these according to your own needs.

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