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VPS Hosting
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HostSailor as a hosting service provider offers VPS hosting services to customers around the globe. A VPS web hosting resembles a dedicated web server put in a shared web hosting environment. Technically, it offers the best features of both dedicated and shared hosting.

There are a lot of benefits that comes along when you move to a VPS server from an existing shared server hosting. However, before signing up for one, you would want to know whether you are better off choosing it.

Why upgrade to VPS Hosting from Shared Hosting

Usually, most website owners find it difficult to upgrade to a dedicated hosting from shared web hosting. A shared hosting platform is what most businesses choose in the initial phase of their business when they don’t have a huge number of visitors. But, things change when you become established with number of visitors to the site increasing and the website itself growing. It’s at that point you realize you need a better webhosting. Continuing in investing in shared hosting even at that point will result in a low performance website that takes a lot of time to load. Same way, it will be hard for you to think about investing a lot on a dedicated hosting plan too, just because you business haven’t grown to afford one.

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This is where a VPS hosting turns helpful. VPS offers a nice in-between solution to growing website owners. It stays in between VPS and shared hosting when it comes to resources as well as cost.

In case of shared hosting, if one user ends up using a resource-intensive application or if their server gets a lot of traffic, others users sharing the same server will have fewer resources to work with and will start facing issues. That means some applications may not work or your website could load slowly. That’s makes it not the best place for a growing website. With a VPS hosting, a physical server is shared, but each VPS has its own resources specifically for its use. To be clear, even if another website on the same server use a lot of resources, it will not affect yours in any way.

So, analyze your website today and see if it’s time for you to upgrade to a VPS.

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