KVM VPS Hosting- How to Build Business Productivity with?

KVM VPS Hosting

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Low-cost KVM VPS hosting that builds your business


Why is Business Productivity Important?

Because of the need to manage costs and build business productivity following the pandemic, many organisations are moving to an outsourced managed service environment.   A common choice is a Virtual Private Server (“VPS “) environment supplied by a Managed Services Provider (”MSP”)

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What is VPS?


VPS is a mechanism for sharing the same physical server resources between several users, each of whom sees a dedicated server. Low-cost VPS Hosting is ideal for organisations who do not need or cannot afford the full power of a dedicated server, but still need more than a basic instance supporting a small e-commerce shop or e-mail server. If you wanna get more about this definition check from here.


Many potential users of VPS hosting have a concern around managing a virtual environment, and probably in time, several environments.  At first glance, it seems that they would need to employ additional skilled resources to provide a high level of manual intervention.


What is KVM VPS Hosting?



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However, help is at hand.   The platform for this is KVM, or Kernel-based Virtual Machine {“KVM”).  You can automate much of the operational environment and build business productivity without additional resources.  KVM is available in both Open Systems and Windows variants and can support both on a single physical server, thereby meeting most operational needs.

KVM is part of the primary Linux OS kernel and is Open Source software.   It comes with the Linux kernel,  and it can be installed as part of the initial installation or added on later.  Today, it provides a full virtualization environment for both Intel and AMD processors only and the mainline Linux kernel at level 2.6.20 or above.

KVM supports several guest operating systems, including Windows, BSD, Solaris, and Linux.  Each Virtual Machine (“VM”) has its own virtual resources allocated and managed by KVM.


Why KVM VPS Hosting?

An advantage for organisations operating both Windows and Open Systems applications is that a KVM environment allows you to have both Linux and Windows virtual servers running on the same physical server.  Because each VM is complete with its own private virtualized hardware, each virtual server is entirely independent and acts like a physical server.

In essence, KVM operates as a Type 2 Hypervisor.


What are the advantages of moving to a hosted KVM virtual dedicated server?


Advantages of KVM VPS Hosting


  • As part of the Linux kernel, it’s free, open-source software.
  • Again, as part of the kernel, it is fully integrated with the OS.
  • Once again, as part of the kernel, it is fully integrated with the OS and uses the Linux SE advanced security system.
  • Adaptability, Being open-source, you can, if you wish, and have the appropriate skills to hand, modify it to your exact requirements.
  • A significant advantage, and one that is very relevant today, is that most open-source cloud-based automation software solutions use KVM as its default hypervisor.
  • This also provides a significant degree of future-proofing. You will, in all probability, not need to change the VM support environment in the future, and second, upgrades and patches won’t introduce incompatibilities.
  • Because it is fully integrated into the kernel, moving from a virtual machine on a shared server to a dedicated server is a simple process.




For a business needing to move to cloud-based solutions, KVM VPS hosting provides a cost-effective way to migrate quickly and easily to a multi-OS environment.  Productivity is built by being able to choose the best of breed proprietary and open source solutions and operating them on the same infrastructure.

At the desktop level, KVM can cut workstation costs and clutter, again building productivity.  An integrated KVM switch and monitor means you only need one desktop workstation unit to manage multiple systems.  It saves desk space, cable clutter and builds productivity by not needing to switch between management stations when managing different systems.

For a managed services provider like HostSailor offering hosting services, a KVM environment provides significant advantages.  It provides flexibility in the customer environments it can support, and the SE security environment built into Linux gives customers (and themselves) comfort that it is a high-security environment.

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