Linux VPS servers and the associated technical factors

Linux VPS hosting is a flexible option for businesses that have outgrown shared hosting servers, but are not ready to commit to dedicated hosting.Linux VPS servers

At HostSailor, we offer multiple Linux-based KVM VPS hosting solutions. However, most people get confused as to which package will be the best for their business.

Simply put, you should choose a plan that fulfills all your business requirements. While cost is an important factor too, there’s no point in opting for a cheaper solution if it doesn’t meet your basic needs.

A few technical factors on which you should base your choice are listed below:

–    CPU

If you’re concerned about the execution load on the server, then choosing Linux is a good idea. Linux VPS is less heavy than your regular computer. It is actually an assembly of multiple CPU cores, with web servers using it in a minimalist manner.

However, certain businesses may require higher specifications, so choose accordingly. From a processor of 2 cores to one operating on 16 cores, we have a full range available.

–    RAM

This is another aspect that you must consider, particularly, the volume and type of RAM. Average hosting needs are easily fulfilled with 1 GB RAM. However, you may require more if extending or growing your business further.

We offer 512 MB for a 2 core processor, which increases up to 8GB for 16 core processors. Higher RAM ensures fast loading and higher times too.

Here you want to be precise about your business needs, and make sure all are being met sufficiently.

–    Bandwidthbandwidth requirements

Your bandwidth requirements are translated by how many active users you have at one time. You would need at least 500 MB for proper running.

Established businesses can benefit from higher bandwidth, starting from at least 1TB. Our packages offer different bandwidths, depending on the processor and RAM needs.

One can choose up to 8TB bandwidth, to ensure smooth running.

–    Disk type and space

This depends upon the data that you need to store. Higher data will require more space. Apart from the amount of data, the type of data matters as well.

For those only starting out with a website, 20GB storage is enough. However, startups should choose 40GB upwards of storage. We offer packages with up to 320 GB. All of it is in HDD!

The best part? You get 15% off on all these KVM VPS packages.

Our packages are scalable and offer an opportunity for you to opt for the most cost-effective solutions. Call now or contact us online!

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