Looking For A Dedicated Hosting Plan? Read Before You Decide

HostSailor hosting ssd
HostSailor hosting ssd
Dedicated Hosting Plans

In a dedicated website hosting, the resources of the physical server are dedicated to just one user and are not shared with others in any way. The account holder gets access to one physical server, and they can control it however they want to. While dedicated web hosting is costlier than shared and VPS hosting, it is the most flexible option of the three.

You should start considering a dedicated hosting when your site starts getting a strong presence online and a lot of visitors. An established company will have a strong market presence and will get plenty of traffic to their site and that’s why such businesses choose to host their website on a dedicated server right from the start.

Once you have made up in your mind that dedicated hosting is the best option, the next decision you will have to take is regarding whether to manage it yourself or let your web host do that you. HostSailor offers you both fully managed and self-managed dedicated hosting plans. Now, let take a look at both to help you find out which one would be the right fit you.

With a self-managed server package, you have to handle your server all by yourself. The biggest advantage of this package is that you get to manage the server completely your way; install software on your own, customize the server setup in order to suit your requirements and what not. With this option, the user will be responsible everything on the web server once the OS has been installed.

Server Management
Fully Managed Hosting

With fully managed hosting, your web host, say HostSailor, helps you with complete web server management. You don’t need to worry about the hosting part and can just focus on growing your core business. This is also the best option out of the two those who lack the technical expertise in managing a server and related matters. What’s more, you get to enjoy all the advantages of dedicated hosting without the maintenance and management responsibilities.

Talk/chat with one of our experts today if you still have some queries before you decide on one.

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