Looking to Opt for XEN VPS Hosting? Here’s All You Need to Know About It!

The advent of virtualization technology has completely transformed the hosting landscape. This technology allows multiple operating systems to run on a single machine.XEN VPS Hosting

It allows the virtual system to access another computer’s hardware including RAM, CPU, video card, etc.

About XEN

Using a microkernel design, XEN is a hypervisor technology. It employs the virtualization technology and allows multiple OS to run simultaneously. Initially, it was developed by the University of Cambridge. Now, the project is being handled by the Linux Foundation.Since it is free and open-source software, users from the world can improve it.

The XEN VPS operates on two types of guests– XEN Paravirtualization(PV) and XEN Full Virtualization (HVM). XEN can be employed on both types of software – XEN PV works great on Linux, whereas Xen HVM is perfect for Windows.

With incredible customization features, XEN has been a preferred choice for many businesses. Let us first take a look at some of the hosting features of XEN VPS and then at some considerations to keep in mind:XEN VPS

Hosting Capabilities of XEN VPS

  • More Control: The XEN VPS hosting solution offers you incredible control over the use of resources. What’s more, it allows you to fully access the different file systems.
  • Working with Popular Operating Systems: Apart from Windows and Linux, XEN supports other operating systems as well.Someoftheminclude Ubuntu, CentOSand FedoraOS.
  • Control PanelLicensing: With XEN, you can host an incredible number of domains with the WHM/cPanelplatform. However, you have to pay licensing fees for this.

Some Considerations to keep in Mind

  • CustomizationorPerformance: XEN’s hypervisor will give you an amazing array of options to help you configure the kernel according to your needs. This functionality costs a bit more than the OpenVZ VPS.
  • Swap Space or Storage Space: Each oftheXEN servers have amazing swap space. This swap space is more than enough to manage VPS. However, swap space is not similar to disk space and does not have any effect on it, that is, it will not impact regular file storage. You will need to buy more storage space if the disk space is not enough for your data.
  • Backup Administration: With XEN account, you are in charge of your backup administration. The package does not include any backup schedule. However, if you want, you can opt for managed VPS

With a team of extraordinary tech professionals, we at HostSailor provide XEN VPS solution for businesses across the globe. Our services have helped businesses thrive in their respective services.

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