Make Your E-Commerce Website Secure With These Tips

In this day and age of information technology, online shopping is quickly becoming a norm. From credit card information to other spending details of customers, your e-commerce website contains a lot of sensitive data.age of information technology

This makes targeting an e-commerce website an attractive option for hackers and cyber criminals. For complete protection, you need to ensure that all your security systems are in place and that there are no loopholes. We at HostSailor have prepared some tips for you to make your e-commerce websites more secure:

Choose Secure E-Commerce Platform

With such a huge number of e-commerce platforms available, you may choose a flashy option. However, remember that when it comes to e-commerce platforms, the only thing that matters is the security it provides. The security features that it should have include a secure checkout page, PCI-compliant payment processors and SSL certification among others.

Have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Authentication

Having SSL certification from a reliable hosting service is one of the most important security measures you need to take to safeguard your e-commerce website. Since your customers have entrusted you with their confidential information, it is your moral obligation to keep it safe. Using SSL will ensure that communication between your customers and your servers are along safe lines.

Don’t Store Confidential Customer Data

Storing confidential data that is not required may not only make you liable for infringement of security guidelines, it will also make you more likely to get attacked by hackers. This is some serious information and if it gets into wrong hands, it may mean the end of your e-commerce business. Make sure you store only relevant information and encrypt the data safely if you are keeping it.

Employ Proper Firewall Security

Having an efficient firewall security system in place will alert you of any suspicious activity going on in your server. It monitors traffic coming to your website and you may predefine it to let only consented communications to happen. This ensures complete peace of mind to merchants.Secure E-Commerce Platform

Perform Regular Check for Vulnerabilities

Your e-commerce website must always meet certain standard protocols, so make sure that you regularly check that they do. From regular scanning to penetration testing, you may have to employ many safety measures to stay on guard.

Encrypt Sensitive Communications

If you are communicating with relevant partners such as credit card processors in plain text, you may be committing a severe mistake. Make sure you safely encrypt all kinds of sensitive messages so that hackers can’t get a hold onto them.

We at HostSailor are reliable and affordable SSL certificate providers. Our services also include providing virtual server hosting and other managed dedicated servers in Romania.

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