What Makes VPS Hosting A Cost-Effective Solution For Small Businesses?

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Losing your clients to competitors because your website crashes atthe slightest traffic fluctuation?

Is your hosting platform limiting your ability to be creative with your online presence?

Is your present hosting plan breaking the bank?

All these problems can be solved with a single solution—VPS hosting.

While at present,you may be using shared hosting—especially if you’re astartup—it may come with different downsides.

Shared hosting offers limited resources and requires you to compromise at times.

Dedicated hosting may come at a hefty price tag. VPS hosting gives you a bit of both. While you may be sharing CPU memory with other users, you will still have access to dedicated sources for your account.

To put it simply, VPS hosting may require users to share hardware, but at the same time,the virtual resources are dedicated.

But what’s really special about VPS hosting is the price. Compared to other options, VPS hosting offers users more for less, which is exactly what you need to counter the growing cart abandonment rates.

How VPS Hosting Is More Cost-Effective

Apart from offering you the price of shared hosting with the features of a dedicated hosting server, VPS hosting keeps it easy on your budget in a number of ways.

Scaling Is Amazingly Simple

With VPS hosting, virtual resources grow with your business. All you need to do is to authorize the costs of upgrade—that’s about it.

From there onwards, you only need to wait till you are notified of the power upgrade. There’s practically no need to wait for agonizing data transfers or have extensive hardware upgrades. This allows you to free up funds for other things that matter.

It’s Incredibly Economical

VPS servers are kind of the middle ground in the web hosting industry. Even though they may cost more than shared hosting plans, they are notably cheaper than dedicated servers. This makes VPS hosting quite popular among small business owners and any organization that may be on a budget.

Add to this the dramatic ease of scalability and you get one of the most reliable and affordable hosting options.

It’s Far More Secure

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There’s a reason why more than 70% of digital attacks target small businesses.Skimping out on security to save those few hundred bucks does cost big in the long term.

Other small business owners may fall victim to illegitimate hosting service providers whofail to offer adequate server security, putting key company data at risk.

The case is different with VPS servers. Since you have a complete server environment with a dedicated account other users cannot access your files or resources. Moreover, as the administrator, you can access your resources from anywhere, anytime.

This stringent security and ease of safe access allows small businesses—particularly those with mobile teams—to stay ahead of the competition, that too at half the cost.

Naturally, the services you get will only be as good as the VPS web hosting service provider you choose. For a wide variety of affordable VPS hosting plans, get in touch with us.

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