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managed cloud hosting

What Should You Know About Managed Cloud Hosting ?

cloud hostingCloud hosting technology has taken the complete hosting world by storm. After the initial hesitation of users to switch and adapt to cloud hosting, it has come a long way. Are you planning to move to cloud hosting due to the advantages and features offered by the technology? If yes,  you will need to closely go through the specifications of the cloud hosting plan of your choice. From the security of data to the quality of the server.  Then from choosing between unmanaged or managed cloud hosting. You need to take into account many factors before you buy cloud hosting.

As said, an important thing that you need to consider is this. Whether the cloud hosting service of your choice is managed or unmanaged. Here, we will explain what managed cloud hosting is. It will help you make an informed choice while buying cloud hosting services. Before jumping into managed cloud hosting services, let us refresh our understanding of cloud hosting services. Read on.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

It is the type of hosting service where your website data resides across different servers. This is different from the traditional types of hosting services. Data is stored in a single server in such traditional methods. There are also  methods in which different websites are hosted on a single server.  However, in the case of cloud hosting, the website data resides in different servers. Thereby ensuring a very high level of data security and redundancy.


What Is Managed Cloud Hosting?

It is a type of web hosting plan offered by web hosting services. In this type of cloud hosting, the web hosting provider will handle the administration, management, and security of your part of the cloud server. As a user, you can choose the type of hosting plan and the operating system that you want. Then leave the rest to the web hosting provider. Web security experts and system managers will be employed by the hosting company. They will deal with all the server upkeep and system management requirements.


What Are The Advantages Of Managed Cloud Hosting?

Managed cloud hosting can have many advantages. Discussed here are a few.

Server Monitoring:

Server monitoring is one of the most important benefits of managed cloud hosting. It can be implemented by scanning the files in the server for any issues and abnormalities. It can be a very good strategy to keep cyberattacks at bay. Server monitoring can allow system administrators to locate failure points and inherent vulnerabilities that are present in the server setup. If an issue is found, proper steps can be taken to mitigate the issue.

Reliability And Overall Security:

Even without managed hosting, cloud hosting can be a really secure type of web hosting. As said earlier, in all types of traditional hosting services, the website data resides in one server. If there is a hardware failure or cyberattack on the server, it can result in a server crash resulting in the crash of your website.

With cloud hosting in place, this issue can be avoided. The main reason is that the website data does not reside on a single server. It is stored in different servers. If any of these servers fails, there will not be much negative effect on your website. This is because the data from other servers will be available to ensure that your website is running properly.

Opting for managed cloud hosting can help add another security layer to your site. This is because security professionals make use of different tools to avoid attacks. These tools can be DDoS prevention applications, malware scanners, etc. In addition, security professionals conduct audits and update firewalls to ensure that your website is truly secure.


Cloud hosting is not the cheapest hosting method. Moreover, managed hosting plans are a bit more expensive when compared to non-managed hosting plans. Therefore, it might seem counterintuitive to list pricing as an advantage of managed cloud hosting. However, it can be much expensive to manage your website with your own resources. Tasks like server monitoring, malware scanning, etc. will need expertise. If you are not an expert in web hosting you will need to pay for these tasks.  This is important to ensure that your website is reliable and secure, which will not be cheap.

managed cloud hosting

Opportunity Cost:

Opportunity cost refers to the potential losses incurred during a task while you should be focusing on some other tasks. The main idea of any business is to grow and expand to attain stability. Therefore, your primary task will be to grow your core business. However, maintaining a website will take up much time that you may use to focus on the core business activities. Here comes the advantage of managed hosting services. It can take website management off your hands. By letting you focus on building your business.

Disaster Recovery:

Cloud hosting services are very secure and reliable. But, this does not mean that you can avoid backup and recovery strategies. Irrespective of the web hosting service provider and your web hosting plan, you will need backups. Routine backups will be a must to make sure that latest copies are available. This will let you have the latest copy of your site in case of loss of data and website crashes. When you opt for managed cloud hosting, the hosting service provider will take care of tasks like creating, maintaining, and updating backups.


Bottom Line

Managed cloud hosting might not be the cheapest way to host your website. There can be plans like shared hosting that can be much cheaper. However, the combination of managed hosting and cloud hosting can be much beneficial to growing websites with high visitor volume. Cloud hosting ensures that your site is safe, reliable and fast-loading. Whereas, managed hosting ensures that you need not deal with the headaches of website management.

Make sure to buy your managed cloud hosting plan from a reputed web hosting service provider. This is because these services are only good as the provider offering them. Therefore, it will be better to choose a reputed cloud hosting provider. One with a track record of ensuring great services. So, choose wisely.


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