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The importance of managed virtual dedicated server hosting

The importance of managed virtual dedicated server hosting
The benefits of the virtual dedicated server hosting


managed virtual dedicated server (VDS) are servers that are hosted in a datacenter but are partitioned from each other. They run on real hardware and can be configured to host any type of software or operating system.

DS hosting offers several benefits over shared hosting:

  • Performance – VDS servers have the power and resources to handle a large number of users without slowing down.
  • Security – You have full control over your VDS hosting environment and can install any software you need without interference from an external party.
  • Reliability – You don’t have to worry about your server going down because there’s no one else using it.



What is Managed Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting?


Managed virtual dedicated server hosting is basically a managed VPS that provides customers with a dedicated server on which they can run their applications with full root access. The provider takes care of all the maintenance tasks and ensures that the server is running 24x7x365.

This type of hosting comes in three types: Fully Managed VPS Hosting, Semi-Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting. Fully Managed VPS Hosting includes all the tasks associated with the management of your virtual private server (VPS) including hardware replacement, software installation, OS patches etc., while Semi-Managed VPS Hosting includes only basic support such as email support and monitoring but does not include any sort of hardware replacement or software installation assistance from the provider side. Unmanaged VPS Hosting is also known as unmanaged VPS hosting because it doesn’t offer any sort of support at all


When to move to Virtual Dedicated Hosting?

If you already use hosting services, either VPS or shared hosting, there comes a time when you need to move up to your own server.  If you run your own hosting, the principles are basically the same. 

  • When to Move 

As your online presence grows, and you can see increasing traffic levels on your site(s), sometime down the line service levels to visitors will start to fall.  In an e-commerce environment, service levels, especially response times, can be the difference between a sale and a click-away. 

Your managed service provider, or yourself, if you are self-managing, will see the statistics showing declining service levels, including increasing numbers of click-throughs, abandoned sales, and other lost income opportunities.  Even on non-sales sites, poor response times will affect your business reputation. 

Adding more infrastructure, or reconfiguration will put off the inevitable, but if your business continues to grow you will need to take the step up to a dedicated server. 

  • How to Move

In a hosting environment, this would be moving to a managed dedicated server, with the moving carried out by the service provider.   If you are running your own hosting service, the costs of upgrading the infrastructure, and the downtime while you move to it, could be beyond your budget and a managed service provider like HostSailor, will help ease the pain.  


Is the DS hosting the best way to get the maximum from my website?


The managed virtual dedicated server hosting is the best way to get the maximum from your website. It is a new choice for website owners, who want to get their sites hosted on a virtual server and be able to get the maximum use out of their website.

Managed virtual dedicated server hosting is a new thing for those who want their websites to be hosted on a virtual server, but do not want to deal with the technicalities of it. This option is perfect for those who are not technically inclined and want to host their websites with ease


What are the benefits of choosing managed virtual dedicated server hosting?



What are the benefits of choosing managed virtual dedicated server hosting?
Virtual dedicated server benefits


The managed virtual dedicated server hosting involves many benefits for you as well as your website:












  • 1. Ease of Use – You can easily access all the services that you need without having to worry about any technical issues. This means that you do not need any prior knowledge or experience in order to use this service and enjoy its benefits completely.
  • 2. No Need For Maintenance – You will not have to worry about keeping your site updated or maintaining it at all times since we will do this for you. You can just sit back and relax while we take care of everything else in order to ensure that your site always remains up-to-date with all the latest features available today!
  • 3. Cost Effective – Today more and more people are using virtual dedicated server hosting. This service is gaining popularity because of its ease of use, low cost and great performance. If you want to experience these benefits, then you should consider getting managed virtual dedicated server hosting.


Self-Management or Managed Virtual Dedicated Hosting?


This is basically a choice between managing a hosted dedicated server yourself or asking the managed service host to do it on your behalf. The option you choose will depend on your business objectives. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Self Management

The advantages of self-management are that you continue to use your existing skilled staff to handle the server exactly as you want.   You configure the server as you want, install your own operating system and software, and set up the security parameters you need for access to your systems and data.  You lose the costs of hardware maintenance.  You could also lose software licensing costs if it is to be provided by the service provider. Beware though, some software providers don’t like clients using their products in a hosted environment, so check up first. 

The disadvantages of self-management include the continuing costs of staff to manage the server, and if you continue to use your license, software licensing and maintenance charges.  

  • Managed Hosting

With fully-managed hosting from a service provider, they manage all aspects of server management for you. You can either gain cost benefits from staff reductions, or moves them to other more productive areas. You can also look at IT areas that probably need attention because you are no longer concentrating on day-to-day server management and maintenance tasks. This is also true of the broader business, you are not looking over your shoulder all the time about IT services and can concentrate more on business development. 




Managed Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting is a managed service, where you get a virtual server hosted on a physical server. With this, you can get all the benefits of getting a dedicated server and at the same time save money on its maintenance.

In this way, you get to use all the resources of the physical server and have complete control over them. You will not have to worry about any kind of hardware failures or other technical issues as they will be taken care of by our experts. You can use these servers for your website, online store or any other kind of application that needs more resources than shared hosting can offer.

If you want to know more or just to have an informal chat about Managed Virtual Dedicated Hosting, or anything IT, don’t hesitate to contact us




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