Managed VPS hosting – The Best One For New Business Websites

managed vps hosting

What Is Managed VPS Hosting? Is It Suitable For New Websites?

managed vps hosting

One of the main concerns of any person starting a new website is choosing the right hosting type for the website. There are different types of hosting out there. Out of that, shared hosting can seem to be a good option owing to the low price. However, as per the experts in web hosting services, a business website can outgrow the capabilities and benefits of shared server hosting quickly. This is where managed VPS hosting comes to play. Many businesses consider managed VPS hosting services as a successor for shared hosting services.

Let us see what managed VPS hosting is? Also, know how it can benefit new business websites. Read.

What Is Managed VPS Hosting Services?

A VPS hosting service works based on virtualization. It means a single server is divided into many virtualized environments. An application named hypervisor is used to achieve this. Each of the virtual private servers acts like a dedicated server with a fixed set of resources. In shared hosting, all the websites on the same physical server have the same IP address. However, in the case of VPS server, each server will have a unique IP address. This results in complete isolation of the virtual servers from each other. And so, the security concerns and traffic flow of one website will not have any effect on other websites. Even though they are hosted on the same physical server.

Depending on the freedom of control that you want on your web hosting server, a VPS hosting plan can be divided into two. Managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. In the case of unmanaged VPS hosting, the client will have all the responsibility of managing the webserver. The web hosting service provider will take care of the availability of the server. All other responsibilities like configuration and installation of various applications will reside with the owner of the website. This type of hosting can be suitable for some site owners. Ones who have very good knowledge of the technicalities of server management. For others, managed VPS hosting can be a suitable option.

Unlike unmanaged VPS hosting, a managed VPS hosting plan gives away all the important server management responsibilities. For eg, core updates, installation of software, and maintenance are handed over to the hosting service provider. This will allow new business owners to focus on other important aspects of the business. They simply need not worry about server management. Ever!

What Are The Benefits Of Managed VPS Hosting For New Website Owners?

benefits of managed vps hosting

The hosting service provider controls some important responsibilities as part of the managed VPS hosting plan. Setting up the control panel, auditing security, installation of software etc. are a few. Moreover, they also take care of maintenance, troubleshooting issues, and upgrading software and hardware.

Apart from all these, there are a number of benefits that managed VPS offers. Here are a few discussed below. Read On.

Here is an Infographic that shows the benefits of Managed VPS. Have a look.

Managed VPS Hosting Offers Enhanced Server Security

VPS hosting is a secure hosting solution when compared to shared hosting. However, much of the security is dependent on the server configuration. Getting complete root access is one of the biggest benefits of hosting your website on a VPS server. In addition, having full access to the server will let you install the applications you need. You can also configure the server to increase server security.

In the case of a managed VPS server plan, the service provider will configure the server to make it secure and robust. This can be done by installing compatible applications. Moreover, you also need to get rid of services that are unnecessary. Additionally, get rid of the ones that create hurdles to server optimization too. Managed VPS services will also let the user make the most of full root access.

Better Performance And Loading Speeds

A business website needs to have very good speed and performance. A slow loading site can drive away potential customers which can negatively affect the business. Moreover, a fast-loading website has more chances of ranking higher on search engine result pages. Additionally, it can improve user experience by cutting down bounce rates and increasing engagement time. More engagement will directly translate to more sales.

While opting for managed VPS hosting, the hosting service provider will take care of the server from the background to ensure performance. In addition, the provider will be responsible for installing the latest software patches too. Moreover, they also take care of updates to make the site run smoothly in the frontend.


VPS hosting can be a cost-effective solution for new site owners who are not ready to spend money on a dedicated server. Even though managed VPS can appear a bit expensive, it can ensure the best value for money. Unlike unmanaged VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting offers many additional services and features, making it a cost-effective option.

While choosing an unmanaged VPS hosting plan, you may have to buy different applications to secure or configure your VPS server. In addition, the long-term cost of an unmanaged VPS hosting plan can exceed the cost of managed VPS. Clearly, that makes it a cost-effective hosting.

Customer Support

Managed VPS hosting solutions offer efficient customer support round the clock. If you are a new website owner, you will have numerous doubts about server management and the hosting plan. Most managed VPS hosting plans have dedicated tech support. They can also handle server management and other important tasks that are necessary. This kind of support allow you to run your website without any hitches. In unmanaged VPS hosting also, you get customer support. But, in that case, the responsibility of managing the server lies with you.

At HostSailor, we offer 24/7 customer support to VPS customers. Contact us to know more.

Ease Of Use

Managed VPS hosting has the benefit of being an easy-to-use hosting solution for new website owners. All the important elements of running the website are taken care of by the web hosting provider. So, the experience of the website owner running the business will be less tiresome. That makes it the best hosting to start with for new site owners.


The benefits of managed VPS make it the best choice for owners of new business websites. Managed VPS hosting plans ensure a perfect balance of performance and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it is a great option for new businesses that are budget-driven. Moreover, having complete root access over the hosting environment will let users tweak their websites to their advantage. They can install custom software and programs without any restrictions. So, think about your needs and decide.

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