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WordPress is by far the world’s most trusted and most used Content Management System (CMS). World Wide Web Technology Surveys WordPress powers more than 29.2% of websites on the world wide web. Depending on the needs of a business, there might not be the need for anything other than an SSD shared hosting plan. But to take true advantage of what WordPress has to offer, and also provide users a great experience, and search engine bots quick access to content, a managed hosting solution is certainly called for.

Choosing the right hosting solution is an important step in setting up an online presence. While there’s not a one-size-fits-all hosting solution, there are three key factors that should influence your decision: speed, security and affordability.

Managed WordPress Hosting Offers Speed

Hosting that has been optimized for WordPress can serve webpages quickly and in an efficient manner, resulting in a great user experience. In addition to reducing load time to just a few seconds for users, an optimized hosting solution will provide the same experience to search engine spiders which will be able to crawl pages quickly. This is an important factor when it comes to ranking in organic search engine result because if a website serves pages significantly slower than competitors there is a good chance that there will be negative algorithmic impact on potential rankings.

Managed WordPress Hosting is Secure

Security is of course important for any website, but due to the popularity of WordPress it becomes even more important as popular publishing platforms tend to become a target for those looking to exploit unsafe systems and websites.

A managed hosting solution offers more robust security. This is a result of regularly scheduled security sweeps, malware scans, spam removal, and DDoS attack prevention.

Managed WordPress Hosting Is Affordable

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Even though optimized WordPress hosting (especially SSD hosting) is not as cost-effective as basic shared hosting, it does offer great value for any business that depends on their web presence to provide an uneventful experience to potential and existing clients.

Scale & Support

Managed WordPress hosting is not only fast, secure, and affordable, it also provides scaling capabilities so that traffic spikes do not have an adverse effect on load-time.

All of this technical wizardry doesn’t mean anything if there is no great customer service attached. Managed hosting provides support for issues with the hosting service or even the WordPress platform itself, making the operation of a website as painless as possible.

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