Here are Some Common Myths about SSL Certificates

Today Secure Sockets Layer or SSL has become a standard of security for all the websites on the internet.SSL Certificates

Its working mechanism is pretty simple: it contains small data files that bind a cryptographic key to the sensitive details on the website. This way a secure connection is formed between the web server and the web browser.

The green padlock and https (instead of just http) are two signs that a website is secure. From credit card transactions to login details, SSL certificate is essential for web security.

Some myths regarding SSL certificates have arisen. We at HostSailor have busted some of them. Read on:

Websites with SSL Certificates Slow Down

That’s not a myth actually. Pages with HTTPS security do take a bit more time to load. However, the difference in loading time is quite negligible.

What’s more, there is an open network protocol by Google, called SPDY, which can easily take care of this issue and normalize the webpage loading time.

SSL Certificates Ensure Comprehensive Internet Security

Although SSL certificate is a necessary precaution, it does not offer protection from all threats that a website faces.

It specializes in data protection in exchanges between clients and servers. However, apart from that, you need other layers of protection for complete internet security.

SSL Certificates Stop Data Theft

Although they make data more secure, it does not mean that the data cannot be stolen. Since SSL certificates do not hide data, it can always be intercepted and stolen.

On the other hand, the coding of SSL certificate is so robust that it is virtually impossible to get access to data while it is being transmitted to the website.

Encrypting Only One Page Will Be Enough

Some website owners believe that securing the relevant page, such as ordering cart page or login page, will do just fine. This makes sense as they might not see the relevance of protecting pages where data does not roll around back and forth.

However, the truth is that all webpages of your website require encryption. SSL is important every time you request information from a client or a customer.

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS Can Negatively Impact Google’s RankingsGoogle’s Rankings

This is a complete myth. Google has clearly pointed out that it values security and that HTTPS encryption will have a good impact on a website’s search engine rankings. In fact, it has encouraged website owners to get SSL certificates.

With an aim towards making the Internet a secure place, we at HostSailor offer SSL certificates for website owners. From Comodo to Certum, we offer solutions from reliable sources.

We also offer hosting solutions, including dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting. Our servers are located in Romania and the Netherlands.

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