Is HTTPS a Ranking Factor? Let’s Find Out

The race to the top—that very top of the SERPs—is never ending, challenging, dynamically characterized and worthwhile!Is HTTPS a Ranking Factor?

At least for those websites that rely on organic traffic for their success.

Every now and then, major search engines like Google, sneakily—dare we say mischievously (Marvin the Martian like)—launch a new algorithm, or an update in their algorithms, and then watch the online community hustle for the top.

But where Marvin the Martian harbor evil intentions behind his actions, search engines do it for a good cause. That is to improve online users web experience.

We are all well aware of factors like relevancy, high-quality content, authority backlinks etc.—that search engines use to rank websites. But recently, the team at HostSailor was queried about a not-so-well-known factor:

“Is HTTPS a ranking factor? If so, since when it has been a ranking factor and how much ranking boost can it give my website?”

HTTPS – A Ranking Factor Since 2014

Google officially announced HTTPS to be a ranking signal on August 06, 2014. This means that all those sites with SSL certificates communicating over a TLS protocol will and have received a boost in their ranking. This was done to ensure that the online community can safely surf the web.

How significant is this boost?

When initially the update was launched, it carried less weight. With time, the positive correlation has increased but is still relatively lower when compared with other ranking factors like high quality content.

So, you cannot expect your website to go from 6th to 5thrank on SERPs, just because you have HTTPS in your URL.

But you can expect Google will and may already have labeled your site as “Not Secure”. With time, it will start showing a big ugly red sign next to your website URL, to warn your website visitors that their online browsing experience is not secured.

What Google’s Active Measures May Mean for Your Website?

Well, if you run an ecommerce website or a business website, it means everything to you.

Google will be officially endorsing your site as unsafe if you haven’t migrated to HTTPS. Your customers would be able to see it, and this is definitely going to deter them from making a purchase at your website.

This HTTPS update means that your website will suffer in ranking to an extent AND will also be defamed publicly in the online community as an unsafe platform for web browsing.

Are you willing to let this happen?

We Can Help

HostSailor can help secure your website through SSL certificates, enabling it to be accredited in the HTTPS site category. We also provide services related to VPS hosting, domain name registration and everything concerned with your website operations. Contact us for more details.

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