Offshore Dedicated Server – Netherlands

Offshore Dedicated Server – Netherlands

Managed Service Providers (“MSP”)  provide Offshore Dedicated Server in Netherlands. In many cases, they have multiple offshore data centres with dedicated servers in different geographies to provide a better range of services to their clients.  In many cases, one data center is a better location for a client. A further reason may be security, in that an organization is happier with its systems and data in one location rather than another.


Our Offshore Dedicated Servers – Netherlands


Our Offshore Dedicated Servers – Netherlands
Dedicated Servers – Netherlands


HostSailor provides a range of services and hosting plans from our data centers in the Netherlands.   We have had data centers in Amsterdam for some time, and more recently, we have responded to the growing sensitivity to ecological issues by adding new eco-friendly data centers, the Greenhouse Datacenters.

Both the Netherlands data centers are fully equipped data centers, which means that :

  • We can provide our clients with our full range of hosting plans and services to exceed their most rigorous needs.
  • We provide as close to 100% uptime as possible. Our data centers are designed and equipped with the latest technology.  It includes a self-healing, self-configuring Software Defined network (“SDN”).  Using an SDN increases network availability and reduces the possibility of downtime.


An SDN will self-heal itself in the unlikely event of a network failure for whatever reason, and maintenance downtimes are reduced by new and replacement equipment self-configuring as it is attached to the network.   The SDN carries out most of the physical network management tasks itself automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention, and hence increasing reliability and reducing support costs.

  • Our Data Centers are highly secure and safe data centers that have local and remote support technicians. Their availability provides 24/7 coverage.  With 24/7 monitoring, any incidents are dealt with quickly and with minimal delay.

The cost-effectiveness inherent in our Data Centers enables us to provide a full range of dedicated server platform hosting plans at very cost-effective price points.


Our Dedicated Servers – Netherlands – Technical Overview


We have three data centers supporting dedicated server hosting in the Netherlands.

Our two data centers in Amsterdam and Capelle are about 200 kilometers apart, which ensures that any outages affecting one are unlikely to affect both.  They are connected to a dark fibre ring that runs throughout Amsterdam.  This ring currently supports three points of presence, from where our servers are securely connected to the data centers.

Our eco-friendly Greenhouse data center is housed near the coast of the North Sea in Naaldwijk, which is around 100 Kilometers from Amsterdam.   Again, this protects against outages in one location affecting the other.   The data center operates advanced Fujitsu Primergy servers in four basic configurations.   There is a fifth option, based on a customized server configuration.  All configurations can be modified to meet specific demands.

The highly advanced data center is Tier III and NEN certified.  It has impeccable eco-friendly credentials.

To ensure high-speed network connectivity, all our networks are connected to the outside world by routers with two 10Gbps ports, configured as one 20Gbps LAG.   This provides high capacity and high-speed Internet connectivity with a redundant component to minimize lost connectivity.  For example, our Greenhouse Data Centre has a total network bandwidth of around 1Terabit.

If you are an organization looking for an affordable, cost-effective dedicated server hosting service in the Netherlands don’t hesitate to contact us.




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