Professional Web Hosting for Small Businesses 2022!

Professional Web Hosting for Small Business 2022


Do you launch a small business and search for Professional Web Hosting for Small Businesses, Many small businesses have been forced over the last two years to upgrade their web presence and perhaps to move to an e-commerce footing. Often they have chosen to go with a Managed Service Provider (“MSP”) as their web hosting service supplier, on the basis that they didn’t have the time, resources, and expertise to set up web hosting themselves.

MSPs. have responded to the increased demand by offering new and improved web hosting plans designed to appeal to the small business fraternity. read our blog article for speeding up web hosting and for further information


Professional Web Hosting for Small Business 2022



Which Web Hosting should you consider using in 2022!


4 levels of web hosting



Because each client will have different needs, Web Hosting comes with a range of options ranging from the cheap and cheerful to the powerful and performant systems needed to support large scale e-commerce environments.


There are several levels of web hosting:


  • Entry-level. Simply put, Individuals and organizations use the Internet to make their websites and systems available to external users.   It’s ideal for small e-commerce applications.
  • Shared Hosting. At this level, an MSP provides a server that is shared between different client installations.   Each site shares the server’s running costs, making it an economic proposition for organizations needing something a little larger and more responsive than entry-level hosting.
  • VPS Hosting – which is a full virtual server environment. MSPs provide physical servers that host several VPS environments, sharing their physical resources between each.
  • The top option is Full Outsourcing with a dedicated server. An MSP creates and manages an existing or new client environment, either on the client’s premises or on their own premises.  Normally users outsource local or remote management to the MSP and give full control to them.


The option chosen will depend on the particular needs of the client.  Most MSPs offer a full range of hosting options to choose from, and some options offer technical variations within them.   Choosing the option and sub-options that provide the correct blend of performance and cost can be quite difficult.


What are the Web Hosting Plans That fit your website?


To look at a popular web hosting question, speed, it is generally accepted that the faster the web hosting the better. Most MSPs provide web hosting plans to meet varying requirements.


First, why is speed necessary?  It’s because most people will move on if a page takes too long to load, or a process to respond. Even if they wait, customer satisfaction drops, and conversion rates will fall.


what are the reasons for slowness? 


  • Poor Design. The page needs to be clear on what it is to deliver and to drive the customer to carry out the required action.  For example, it must be easy to pay. Simple observation shows that often they are not.
  • The technical design and implementation of the page. Optimising the structure and background code of the page is key to fast loading and processing.
  • Infrastructure constraints. The proper web hosting plan is key to ensuring that the supporting technology can deliver the necessary level of performance. For example, e-commerce applications that access databases of products and prices need fast SSD storage.


Choosing the correct web hosting plan that meets your needs for cost, performance, and security is not an easy task. This is where the skills and expertise of an organization can be of great benefit. Contact us if you have any questions or just want to discuss the options further.







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