What Are Ransomware Attacks? How To Keep Away From Them?

ransomeware attacks

Ransomware Attacks And How To Stay Away From Them?.

Recently, in the post-pandemic world, the number of cyberattacks has increased much. These attacks not only target the big websites. But also smaller sites that are beginner-level. An important way to mitigate cyber threats is to understand how to detect them. Also, you need to know how to keep the threats at bay. Here we will discuss a popular cyber security threat called ransomware attacks. Also some ways to mitigate it. Read along to know.

What Are Ransomware Attacks?.

Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is malware that can be inserted into a network. These are malicious codes and can deny you access to some important details or your complete computer. These malware programs will claim ransom money and once you pay the ransom, hackers will give the data or access back to you. Ransomware can find its way to your network in various ways. They can enter your network via unverified attachments, unverified links, downloads from spam sites, etc.

How Does Ransomware Operate?.

Ransomware works based on encryption. The file with the ransomware will be encrypted. When you open the file, it will install on the server. It then make changes to the extensions of all files on the server. There are many infamous extensions like .locky, .crypt, etc and these extensions will change from the type of attack. After altering the files, an encryption code will be generated and the code will be also be different for each system. To decrypt the modified files, you will need a matching key. However, the hackers will be having the key. They will give you the key only when you pay them the ransom money.

How Can You Find A Ransomware Attack?.

Detecting ransomware is not an easy task. Its because, the files will most probably be hidden in authorized software to avoid detection. Ransomware programs will spread quickly once your system is infected. Moreover, those targeted will be aware of the attack only after the files are encrypted and the hacker sends the ransom mail.

To detect a malware attack website owners should make use of automated security tools and malware analysis. Using automated security tools might help identify the malware files right at the beginning of the attack. However, due to the efficiency and nature of most attacks, it can be really difficult to detect an attack until it is very late.

However, businesses can make use of the below steps. It will help mitigate the risk of attack and enable early detection.

  • Make sure that your staff is educated and well-informed about these attacks.
  • Monitor your system regularly.
  • Use fake repositories that can attract attackers. These fake repositories are called honeypots.
  • Make use of automated security software that has anti-ransomware capabilities.
  • Use a filter on email messages.
  • Use a firewall like a Web Application Firewall.

Will Ransomware Attacks Affect Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?.

Ransomware targets small and medium sized businesses always. In reality, these websites are popular targets for attackers. This is because these businesses will have only small budgets for cybersecurity. The overall site protection will also be inefficient. In addition, large businesses are not much likely to pay the ransom amount.

When a ransomware attack occurs on a small business, the impact can be big. Especially,  when compared to that on a big corporation. Therefore, instead of targeting large businesses, attackers will target small businesses and ask for lesser amounts.

How Can Your Site Be Protected From Ransomware Attacks?.

Ransomware attacks

There are many ways in which you can protect your business website from ransomware attacks. Read on to know.

Choose A Reputed Hosting Service Provider

This is a very important step to protect your business site from ransomware. Market leaders will have many sites hosted on their servers and will have their reputation at stake. Therefore, they will ensure better protection to their servers. They will also have the budget to do so. Hosting service providers who give importance to security will make use of extra firewalls. They also use malware detection programs that are enterprise-level, system admins, and much more in place. These can ensure improved security. Therefore, make sure to buy your web hosting plan from a reputed hosting provider.

Use Cloud-Based Website Protection

You need to ensure proactive defense to ensure protection against ransomware attacks. Many cloud-based website security programs can help protect your website. Moreover, these programs will have many tools packed into a single software to ensure proper integration of these tools. There will be tools like antivirus, website scanning tool, malware protection tool, malware removal tool, etc. These can ensure the security of your business website.

Keep Your OS And Applications Updated

Updates will include security patches that can keep cyberattacks at bay. Vulnerabilities can be found all the time and patches will be distributed through the updates. Therefore, updating your operating system and applications will ensure the security of your network. Keeping a schedule can be an efficient way to update your applications and OS. This will help ensure that all your applications and OS will be updated.

Install Web Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall is a software that can protect your server from malicious traffic. These firewalls will have a very large database of suspicious and blacklisted IP addresses. Moreover, this firewall checks the incoming traffic to find if the incoming request is from a source of spam. It is not allowed to go to the server if the request is from a spam source.

Learn To Identify Phishing Attacks

It is a fact that many people fall for simple phishing attacks. The attack can be via an email message that promises a tax rebate, vacation, etc. Emails can also be disguised as coming from law enforcement professionals. These emails can be very flashy. They are also designed to attract the attention of recipients and persuade them to click on a malicious link.

Ransomware Attacks – EndNote

Cyberattacks are ever-increasing and the trend might not change soon. Therefore, you must offer protection to your site. The key here is to partner with a reliable web hosting company.

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