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If you are looking to start or are running an online business, you must be aware of the various hosting solutions available.

One of the most popular and low priced methods is shared hosting. This method involves having several hundred websites sharing a single, large capacity hard drive. However, this hosting method is not suitable for all websites, especially ones that receive large amounts of traffic.

The other method of hosting is very expensive and employed only by large corporations. It involves a separate server that is dedicated to the website. This means that the company will have its own server that is not shared by anyone else.

Another type of server looks to find a middle ground between the two extremes. Virtual Private Servers are cheaper than dedicated servers and offer several more benefits than shared hosting. VPS allows each user to run their own operating system and this allows them to customize and configure components of their own website, without disturbing others.

In addition to the low cost, VPS offer numerous benefits to the users.


The performance of the server is dependent on the activities of all the accounts present on it. For example, if one account sends out large amounts of spam mail, it is likely to load the server and will also impede the performance of the other accounts it hosts.

VPS resources are specifically assigned to each user. This ensures that no user can ‘steal’ the resources of another user. The service runs predictably and reliably. Even if you do have a bad neighbor on VPS, they will only impact their own account.


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Virtual Private Servers are full of various advanced features. They are often considered to provide functionality similar to dedicated servers.

Numerous applications may require users to make changes by opening and closing firewalls. In case of shared hosting, it is not advisable to customize firewall settings due to security reasons. On the other hand, VPS freely allows custom firewall settings thanks to the partition between users.

In addition to the ones discussed, there are several other benefits that make Virtual Private Servers superior to common shared hosting methods.

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