Reseller Program vs Affiliate Program | Is there a Difference?

Reseller Program vs Affiliate Program

No one can deny the importance of web hosting as a critical need for businesses and individuals who have a website. We, at HostSailor, provide services that allow website owners to make their sites available on the internet.

However, to promote their services, we offer two types of programs for people to become our partners, namely affiliate and reseller programs.

In this blog post, we will examine the differences between reseller programs and affiliate programs in web hosting and how these programs can benefit website owners.


What is a Reseller Program?


A reseller program in web hosting is an agreement between us as a hosting provider and an individual or business that purchases their hosting services in bulk (The Reseller) that enables the reseller to purchase hosting services from the provider at a discounted price and resell them to their own customers.

Under this arrangement, the reseller has the freedom to customize their hosting services using their branding, domain names, and support channels, making them appear as an independent hosting provider.

In essence, it allows the reseller to act as a middleman between us and the end customer. The reseller program provides the opportunity for anyone to start a hosting business by simply reselling existing hosting services.


What are the Benefits of The Reseller Program?

Benefits of The Reseller Program
Benefits of The Reseller Program



Benefits of The Reseller Program included:


Low start-up costs


One major benefit of reseller programs is the low start-up cost. It allows business-minded individuals to start a hosting service without spending so much money on the infrastructure, the hardware or even the salaries for the employees looking after the business.

Fully managed infrastructure


We, at HostSailor, are responsible for all the tasks related to managing the service such as managing, maintaining, and supporting the servers. This allows the reseller to focus on marketing and customer acquisition.




Reseller programs let the reseller brand their hosting services to suit their business needs. This improves customer satisfaction, as clients can build trust with the resellers, they purchase hosting services from.


Opportunities for Making Profit 


Resellers can earn a profit by taking advantage of the discount offered by hosting providers and passing on a competitive price to their customers.


What is an Affiliate Program?


An Affiliate program is an agreement between us as a web hosting provider and website owners. Under this arrangement, website owners sign up for an affiliate program and promote HistSailor’s services through their site or social media platforms.

When a visitor clicks on the affiliate’s link and makes a purchase from us, the affiliate earns a commission. Affiliate programs are performance-based, meaning that the commission earned by the affiliate is directly proportional to the number of sales that they generate. 


One advantage of participating in our affiliate programs is that it can generate a passive income stream.

Users can earn commissions without the need to create or manage products, handle customer support or deal with technical issues. All they have to do is promote their affiliate link and let the hosting provider do the rest.

What is the Difference Between a Reseller Program and an Affiliate Program?

Difference Between a Reseller Program and an Affiliate Program
Difference Between a Reseller Program and an Affiliate Program


The significant difference between affiliate and reseller programs is the level of control and responsibilities that each program gives to the website owners.


In affiliate programs, website owners are responsible for marketing and promoting a hosting company’s services, while we provide all the technical support, server maintenance, and customer service.

However, affiliate programs are performance-based, with website owners earning commissions only for successful referrals.


In contrast, reseller programs allow website owners to customize hosting services according to their preferences and branding.

Resellers also have more control and responsibility for managing their customers’ support tickets, server uptime, and maintenance.

Resellers earn profits by selling or renting the hosting services to their customers, thus bearing the financial risk if their customers do not renew their hosting service.


In conclusion, while both affiliate and reseller programs are beneficial to businesses, they differ significantly in terms of responsibilities, control, and financial risk.

Website owners who prefer a more hands-off approach and only want to promote hosting services via links and content should consider affiliate programs.

However, for website owners who want more control over the hosting services they provide to their customers, reseller programs are the way to go.

It is essential to consider all the factors and choose a program that suits your needs and goals while also aligning with your business plan.



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