Debunking 5 Myths about SSL Security

Hello everyone!SSL Security

This is your team at HostSailor, and today we’d like to take you on a myth(s) busting journey about the internet protocol that we so frequently used to receive and send sensitive data on the web, over a secure connection.

Some of you might already know it by its name, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, and it was first adopted by Netscape in 1994.

Despite the technology being used for decades and having successfully secured data in transit for so many companies, there is still so much disinformation widely circulated on the topic.

Pardon us, but there are numerous reports of server-stored-data been breached—SSL does not appear to work.

We’ll come to that later, but for now, let this be known that this too has to do with a myth that many falsely assume to be true about SSL security.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Myth #1: SSL security is only for organizations that operate in highly regulated industries

This is not true. If you run a business that deals with data—sensitive or not—you should protect it with a SSL certificate. Because for any business, data is important.

Myth #2: A SSL secured website takes ages to load

No, it does not. In fact, no documented evidence exists for it. Yes, the server processor handles additional work where it encrypts the data in transit, the encryption does not produce any noticeable effect on a website’s loading or navigation speed.

Myth #3: SSL helps secure data at all points of interaction

The debunking of this myth holds the answer to the statement presented earlier. SSL only helps to protect data in transit—the active data that is being sent from one location to another. Any data that is at rest, like the one stored in a server or on a hard-disk cannot be SSL encrypted.

Myth #4: Expensive SSL certificates provide high level of security

Again, not true. All SSL certificates have to comply with a 256-bit encryption standard, and therefore, from cheap SSL certificates to the expensive ones – they all offer same level of security.

Myth #5: SSL Certificates are a Costly Investment

No, they are not. You can find SSL certificates that are available at budget prices. It’s all about which SSL certificate service provider you choose.

SSL is a secure technology and one that can help to protect your sensitive and non-sensitive data in transit. Use them with absolute confidence—there is a reason Google endorses it and large organizations deploy it.

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