Do you need an SSL Certificate for Your Site?

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a protocol for handling the interactions between a web server and a web browser. Its purpose is to secure confidential information such as logins, passwords, credit card numbers and PINs through encryption. SSL is widely used by banks and online businesses to keep their websites secured.

All major websites that handle confidential information ensure secure connections through SSL. Secured websites (HTTPS) offer the same functionality as unsecured websites (HTTP) but offer advanced security.

When is it Important?

The use of SSL certificates is important whenever confidential information is to be processed through the server. For example, if you are an online merchant and sell products or services directly to customers through credit card payments, securing your website through SSL will benefit you greatly.

This will make your customers feel secure and confident while accessing and making purchases through your website. Most online shoppers tend to avoid unsecured websites when it comes to shopping with their credit card.

Who Needs It?

Ideally, any business website that processes transactions needs to be SSL certified. SSL certification is kept in high regard by customers as it provides them with confidence and satisfaction. Any individual looking to purchase a particular product will gladly pay a higher price at a secured website rather than purchasing cheap from an unsecured one.

This means that every online business or even a traditional business that sells through its website must acquire SSL certification. Since it makes customers secure, it can increase your online sales exponentially.

Similarly, any business that requires its visitors to sign up using an email address, user name and password should also consider acquiring SSL certification. This information is also confidential and sensitive for many people and seeing SSL’s certification logo only makes them more confident in their choice. In other words, this will ensure that more people sign up to the website.

On the other hand, websites that exist to provide information only, do not need SSL Certificate. This is because there is no confidential information that needs to be encrypted and protected.

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