Do You Need An SSL Certificate? Here Are 4 Ways To Tell

Almost everyone knows what an SSL certificate is: It is denoted by a very distinct green padlock at the start of the domain name, validating a website’s security for users.SSL Certificate

One of the revolutions that internet has seen in the last few decades is e-commerce. But this has also become a major attraction for hackers. However, with the increasing online security threats, technology to prevent these attacks is also developing.

SSL certificates provide two-fold benefits: It encrypts sensitive data such as credit card information, and assures customers of the safety of transactions.

Answer these questions to find if your site needs an SSL certificate.

  Is it an e-commerce website?

Almost all ecommerce websites need ecommerce certificate. Whether you are a clothing brand or online service provider, you are responsible to ensure that information collected on the site is protected.e-commerce website

Security breach stealing customer data such as credit card information and personal ID details can result in identity theft and other criminal activities. This is why most customers are still cautious about online shopping.

SSL certificates ensures that data is encrypted; meaning that the information can’t be intercepted and used for any illegal activities.

  Are you using third party payment processor(s)?

How a transaction is carried out indicates whether or not you’ll need an SSL certificate. If you’re using third party payment processors, you may still need the certificate.

It depends on whether your site accepts the credit card information or redirects to their service. For example, PayPal offers both these options. If your site accepts the information and then sends it forward, then you need an SSL certificate.

  Do you have a login form?

If your customers or general users enter login information on the website, then an SSL certificate is essential. Otherwise, hackers can see details entered in a form and use it for illegal activities.

You may think that the information entered is harmless and that their account on your site doesn’t include vulnerable information. The problem is that users often set same or similar passwords for various accounts—even bank accounts—which can be predicted easily enough if they know this information.

  Can you use a shared SSL certificate?

Hosting providers often provide shared certificates which cover multiple clients. While it is considerably safer than not having one at all, the certificate will not have your website or organization’s name. In fact, it may even display a warning.

SSL certificates are not considerably expensive. However, the cost of an SSL certificate depends on the provider and particular features. We have a range of certificates available on our site to allow high security for your customers.

In addition, we also provide dedicated and virtual server hosting, and domain registration services for efficient online activity.

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