Effects Of SSL Certificates On Consumer Buying

Effects Of SSL Certificates On Consumer Buying

SSL certificates are data files which bind a cryptographic key with the details of an organization.

Upon installation on a website, the SSL certificates activate the https protocol, allowing secure network connections from a server to a browser.

These are necessary for websites who handle user data, even if it is just log-in information. It allows encryption of all user specific information for secure transfer to the destination server. It simply becomes unreadable, providing safety from hackers and identity thieves.

Online buyers understand the https protocol and do not prefer visiting sites without the certificate. It also influences consumer behavior in a number of ways:

Makes them feel more secure

Since consumers are aware of these encryption and safety protocols, they prefer surfing only through safer websites. Most have security extensions on their browsers, making them aware of an absence of certificate. If the site is secured, they will surf through your products easily and perhaps buy a few things off the virtual shelf.

Increased trust on your websiteIncreased trust on your website

If a customer gets notified about insecure connections on a website, they probably would never visit again.

This will also result in doubt over a company’s offered qualities and services.  If a company cannot invest in keeping their customers’ information safe, how can their products or services be trusted?

However, continuous use and absence of these notifications make them trust your business more. This increased trust translates to enhance buying.

Increases their buying from your site

This is especially true for ecommerce sites. A potential buyer will only shop online if they are sure that their details will not be compromised.

A customer enters their personal as well as credit card details for online shopping; unsafe connections can put them at risk of major losses as well as identity theft. Hence, they would never buy form your site if it is not secure.

Signing up advantage

Again, a customer will only enter information for newsletters and/or updates if they are on a secured connection. If the connection is secure, they will be willing to sign up for deals. New deals and offers or special discounts in their email will direct them to the website.

Become returning customers

While first time buying is affected, consumers also tend to return more often to the sites which are secured. Frequent visits help them remain updated and tempt them to buy something every time they land on the page.

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