What are SSL Certificates? How Do They Work?

The internet is your gateway to millions of customers from around the globe. Operating your business online provides you with the chance to access your customers wherever they are with convenience. However, from this ease and convenience emerges security concerns as well.SSL Certificates

When purchasing something online and providing sensitive information, customers need to be confident that their information is safe, and that they are dealing with a legitimate business. Thus, it is your responsibility to keep customer information safe and secure.

SSL certificates are undoubtedly the best way to secure your website and offer safety to your customers for the personal information they provide. Here’s an insight on how they work.

How SSL Certificates Work

SSL certificates are an important aspect of the data encryption process. They provide security to the internet transactions that are carried out. These are digital passports that offer authentication and protect the confidentiality and integrity of customer information.

When a customer initiates a session with a website, SSL certificates secure those sessions via the secure socket layer protocol. Without a SSL certificate, this security cannot be provided as it does not contain a cryptographic key. If you’re running an ecommerce website, it is essential for you to have a SSL certificate to ensure safety of the transactions carried out on your website.

When a customer enters a website URL, the browser connects to the website and then it requests identity from the web server. The web server then sends a copy of SSL certificate to the browser.  The browser or the server investigates the certificate to see if it can be trusted or not. If it is trusted, a message is sent to the web server.

The web server then sends back an acknowledgment that is digitally signed to initiate a session that is SSL encrypted. The web server and the browser share this encrypted data, which then allows the customer to start a secure session with the website.

SSL certificates help build trust with your customers and increases your company’s reliability. In addition to this, these certificates also help in obtaining stronger Google rankings.

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