The Purpose Of Using SSL Certificates

What is the purpose of SSL certificates? What will they do for me? This is an important question for anyone using the internet to understand. Standard Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology that is the backbone of secure internet. It helps protect the flow of sensitive information as it travels around the globe.

The primary reason why SSL certificates are used is to encrypt information so that it can only be

SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates

understood by the recipient. As almost all online data passes from computer to computer, any information in between – like credit card numbers and contact details – could be breached if it is not encrypted with a SSL certificate. The security layer makes all information unreadable to hackers, consequently protecting you and your information.

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Along with encryption, a SSL certificate also provides authentication. A website with a proper SSL certificate means it has passed identity checks under the supervision of SSL certificate providers. This is important because hackers can imitate any website, impersonating someone, attempting to trick you into sending them your personal information. The only way this can be avoided is by using SSL certificates on websites, particularly those that are involved in ecommerce.

Protection from Phishing

SSL Certificates

A phishing email is one that is sent by a hacker who tries to impersonate a website. The email is usually linked to their own website; however, the domain name could be similar to one you wanted to visit. However, these mimicked websites are not perfect. When you do visit websites like ones for online banking, look for a green address bar or other trust indicators to identify that SSL certificates are in place.

Necessary for Accepting Payments

According to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards, an online business needs an SSL certificate with at least 128-bit encryption to accept payments. PCI standards also verify that the certificate is from a trusted source, provides a private connection and uses the right level of encryption. Without an SSL certificate that meets these standards, a website won’t be able to take credit card payments.

From a marketer’s perspective, SSL certificates add more power to brands in the form of security, reliability and credibility.  If you are looking for affordable SSL certificates, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help make your website more secure.

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