Shared Hosting – An Attractive Choice For Startups

In terms of affordability, shared hosting > VPS hosting > dedicated hosting. Note that all three options are equally cost-effective depending on the size of your business.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting

Take, for example, managed dedicated server hosting. It is a comprehensive solution for medium to large businesses and enterprises.

But, it can be too much for startups and small business setups…

However, shared hosting options—particularly the ones available on SSD—offer excellent choices for startups.

Whether you’re starting an ecommerce site, an education centric business, or even a tech based firm, you can win with SSD shared hosting packages.

Prominent features of shared hosting

A few characteristics, in particular, are making shared hosting options stand out. First, it’s their low cost; second, it’s hassle-free management. Multiple options and easy setup further helps the startup setup.

  1. Cost factor: Anyone, anywhere can opt for a shared hosting option. You may choose the least costly plan, for example, Leviathan SSD shared hosting plan on HostSailor.

    Leviathan SSD shared hosting
    Leviathan SSD shared hosting

Most service providers, including HostSailor, offer easy upgrade options. As your business grows, so will your shared hosting resources to accommodate the growing needs.

Available for only a few dollars every month, shared hosting costs less than your weekly coffee. Even with a limited budget, you can enjoy online presence and make a name for your brand.

  1. No management hassle: Unlike VPS and dedicated hosting, you don’t have any management responsibilities with shared servers. This is a major benefit for startups.

Most of the startup owners want to do everything by themselves. But if you’re not experienced with hosting, it’s often recommended to let specialists deal with it. However, most startups don’t have enough funds to hire additional IT experts.

Your hosting partner can tackle the issue easily. With shared hosting services, it is the provider who is responsible for maintenance and management of the server.

This way, your IT team and the rest of your staff can focus on achieving business goals.

  1. Easy setup and flexible choices: Shared hosting plans are typically easy to set up, not requiring much effort on your end. Your hosting provider will guide you through the process and take care of most of the details.

Furthermore, you can choose a plan according to your needs. If your applications require higher speeds, opt for a package offering at least 1000GB.

At HostSailor, we offer 5 different plans. Starting from as low as $0.95, our most affordable Leviathan plan gives you 1GB disk space with 500GB bandwidth. Our fastest SSD shared hosting plan gives you 30GB disk space with 2500GB bandwidth.

The best part is that you get free 20 Gbps DDoS protection with all our shared hosting plans. Call now and order our services!

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