Shared WordPress Hosting – Things You Should Know

According to ManageWP, 26% of all websites on the Internet run on WordPress. Over the years, the platform has grown in popularity. Today, it has around 29,000 plugins, which are growing every day.Shared WordPress Hosting

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a kind of hosting that has been optimized specifically for effective WordPress website’s performance and security needs. It provides one-click WordPress plugins to enhance functionality. Also, the hosting service will automatically update the WordPress platform.

What Is Shared WordPress Hosting?

Shared WordPress hosting, just like shared hosting, allows (WordPress) websites’ users to share a server with other users. Shared WordPress hosting is cheaper than managed WordPress hosting. For businesses that are just starting out, this can be an incredible option.

WordPress Requirements

For WordPress hosting, your hosting plan should include MySQL and PHP support. This will ensure seamless functioning of your WordPress website.

Things to Consider When Choosing Shared WordPress Hosting

Here are some factors to consider when opting for shared WordPress Hosting:

Storage Space

When considering shared WordPress hosting, make sure that you know the amount of storage that you would require. This is because with shared hosting solution, you get limited storage space.

Also, you can start with a reasonable shared WordPress plan and move on to advanced storage options as your website grows.


Bandwidth is another crucial aspect when considering shared WordPress hosting solution.

Bandwidth is defined as the amount of information that can be transmitted per unit of time.

Make sure you know how much bandwidth your website will need and how much your hosting service is providing. For effective functioning of website, you should always look for higher bandwidth.


Surely, you want your website to be secure and free from threats. With shared WordPress hosting, security becomes all the more important.

This is the reason you should always look for a reliable hosting company. If there is lots of sensitive data, you might want to opt for managed WordPress hosting.

Customer Support

Technical issues are unpredictable and can hamper effective functioning of your website. When choosing a hosting service, make sure you opt for a company that offers timely customer support service.

Moreover, the company’s support professionals must have prior knowledge and experience of working with WordPress. A reliable customer support staff can give you peace of mind.

With a team of extraordinary professionals, we at HostSailor offer a variety of shared hosting solutions. With servers based in Romania and Netherlands, we offer affordable packages to our clients around the world.

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