Special Christmas Web Hosting offers – Dec 2021

Special Christmas Web Hosting offers

Special Christmas Web Hosting offers

Get an amazing discount for the Special Christmas Web Hosting offers for this Festive Season

Please read on for details of our best-ever Special Christmas Web Hosting offers. Read all about us here


Why should you go for our Special Christmas Web Hosting Offers?


Many organisations use the festive break as a time to reflect on the past year and look at their strategies for the coming one.  To be sure, 2021 (and 2020)  were challenging times for many of us and brought revisions to immediate and longer-term business planning – meaning fundamental change to IT strategies.

Do you want to use Web Hosting as part of that new strategy, but fear the additional costs while keeping existing systems running?  Worrying about the technical implications, particularly security? our special Christmas Web Hosting Offers to provide a cost-effective way to meet both challenges.

Please look at our New Year offers which give you an unparalleled opportunity to join the HostSailor community at a significantly reduced cost.  We are giving 65% off our hosting fees for many of our most popular hosting programmes.  See below for the plans price before our offers.

Look here to see our commitment to supporting you.


How to choose your web hosting service?


The selection of a web host should follow a structured path.  Write down what you need from the web host. It can be useful to classify your needs as mandatory, good-to-have, and nice-to-have.  The evaluation of a potential web host means rating each candidate against your list and selecting the one that meets all the mandatory criteria, most of the good-to-haves and some of the nice-to-haves.

Selecting a web host that provides a comprehensive range of services, infrastructural, technical and support, and has a reputation for perfect hosting will go a long way to your achieving your goals.

We at HostSailor keep these criteria at the forefront of our own strategies and work tirel;essely to ensure that we meet our client’s specific needs.

We take particular pride in providing managed solutions that are best-of-breed, usually exceeding anything other suppliers could offer. We believe that HostSailor will be on most, if not all shortlists.

Talk to us at our team or directly to help us formulate your web hosting service or if you ask for any advice or help.   Bear in mind our Special Christmas Web Hosting Offers if are making a decision soon.


What is the Best Web Hosting Christmas Offers for 2021? -New Year offers

We at HostSailor are delighted to offer a range of Special ChristmasWeb Hosting Offers at a 65% discount, including:


Special Christmas Shared hosting Deals 65% off

special Xmas shared hosting deals with Xmas background

use this CODE: CHRISTMAS22  65% off for all SSD Hosting plans

we provide a range of cost-effective shared hosting programmes designed to fit your pocket and needs.

We offer services with all the additional features you need to build your website quickly and safely,  such as domain registration and hosting, on-call live technical support, plus Free SSL Certificates and DDoS Protection

Our Special Christmas  Web Hosting Offers make it even cheaper.

The base pricing is currently $0.95 per month.  With our huge discount for the Xmas on our services. 

, it reduces to $0.33.Go to our website for details on all the options.   Please note that we offer a cryptocurrency payment option that sharply reduces the cost of international payments.



Special Christmas VPS Hosting Deals


Xmas hosting offer

Our range of VPS offerings cover several options for server sharing and virtualization:

  • Open VZ

Open VZ is an affordable level platform.  Linux based, it is the open-source version of the leading server virtualisation platform, Virtuozzo.  By offering a more than adequate base platform with fewer bells and whistles, we can offer an extremely stable and secure VPS at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

HostSailor’s VPS Hosting Services with dedicated virtual servers give you the freedom and confidence
to run a successful website. we offer Gig connections to every VPS installation, No Setup Fees, and a Scalable VPS server.  The downside is that Open VZ does not support the Windows environment.

use this CODE: CHRISTMAS22
65% off for the first year for all VPS plans

Go to VPS Hosting for details on all the options included in our Special Christmas  Web Hosting Offers.

  • KVM

KVM is a platform that has a single physical server supporting several virtual servers.   Each virtual server acts as if it were running on its own server while sharing the resources of the KVM server.

KVM first appeared as part of the primary Linux OS kernel and is Open Source software.   You get it with the Linux kernel,  and it can be installed at the start or added later.  It provides a full virtualization environment for both Intel and AMD processors.   You need the mainline Linux kernel at level 2.6.20 or above.


  • XEN

XEN is a VPS implementation very similar to KVM.



Special Christmas Web Hosting Dedicated Server Deals



Xmas dedicated servers super sale


HostSailor supports two dedicated data centres, one in Romania and the other in the Netherlands.  Each supports a dedicated server environment:




Romania:             Supermicro (m247) range

Netherlands:     A range of HP, Fujitsu and Budget Servers



Our fully customizable dedicated servers can help you have your website up and running in a matter of days. To provide the complete package we offer DDoS Protection, SSL Certificates and No Contract.

basic service pricing is $40.95 per month. With our Special Christmas  Web Hosting Offer. use this CODE: HAPPY2022
10% off recurring with all dedicated servers (RO and NL) Monthly.

If you need more details, Go to the dedicated servers page above and get what you want, and enjoy the Christmas Web Dedicated Server Hosting Offers.

starting today — expiry date 07-01-2022


We are here for any help, If you wanna get more about our services or get our offers and want to get more knowledge about the plans you’re seeking for please talk to us from here. we always here for you.



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