SSD KVM VPS Hosting- Rapid Performance!

SSD KVM VPS Hosting- Rapid Performance


Rapid SSD KVM VPS Hosting environment is rapidly growing in popularity, but why is SSD KVM VPS the best option for many web-savvy clients needing a web presence or somewhere to support their e-commerce site?

KVM provides best of breed operational management, SSD storage technologies provide the fastest data storage and retrieval speeds, and VPS offers the flexibility of independent secure hosting locations on the same physical server.  Most managed service providers offer a range of KVM VPS SSD hosting plans. We have several Rapid Performance KVM based VPS options at a very competitive price point.

Read more on our hosting options for basic KVM VPS,  and on our rapid performance options.


A title SSD KVM VPS Hosting- Rapid Performance




What is the KVM module?


KVM is a platform that has a single physical server supporting several virtual servers.   Each virtual server acts as if it were running on its own server while sharing the resources of the KVM server.

KVM is part of the primary Linux OS kernel and is Open Source software. You get it with the Linux kernel, and it can be installed at the start or added later.  It provides a full virtualization environment for both Intel and AMD processors. You need the mainline Linux kernel at level 2.6.20 or above.

It is available for all common Linux distributions, Red Hat for example, with a full description available.

It supports several guest operating systems, including Windows, BSD, Solaris, and Linux.  Each Virtual Machine (“VM”) in the VPS environment has its own virtual resources allocated and managed by KVM.

A KVM virtual dedicated server allows you to have both Linux and Windows virtual servers running on the same physical server in a VPS environment.  Because each VM is complete with its own private virtualized hardware, each virtual server is entirely independent and acts like its physical equivalent.   Because of the integrated Linux private server implementation and encrypted networks, each virtual server is secure against intrusion from others in the same environment.


the best performance of the SSD KVM VPS Hosting!


3 points of the performance of the SSD KVM VPS Hosting
3 points of the performance of the SSD KVM VPS Hosting


A high-performance VPS environment is dependent on three major areas in the underlying host VPS server:

  • Storage
  • Processor; and
  • Connectivity


  • Storage


In a data-driven environment, such as e-commerce, speedy access to data is critical.  That is where the storage type is important.

KVM supports all the major storage types, the traditional hard disk drive (“HDD”), the newer Solid-State Drive technology, and other storage devices such as DVD readers/writes and flash drives. HDD and SSD drives are usually chosen for mass data storage, and flash drives for low-volume data transfer.

The overall server performance will be dependent on the storage type chosen.  In a KVM environment, because the KVM server is supporting several virtual servers, disk performance is a critical factor in overall KVM server performance.  As a result, SSD storage is better in a KVM environment where rapid access to data is needed.


  • Processor


Processor horsepower is clearly an influencer on overall performance.  Higher basic speed, number of cores and data transfer bus speed are the measures here.


  • Connectivity


It’s all very well having high-speed storage access and top processor performance, but if connectivity to the outside world is slow, it doesn’t matter.   At least 1GB of interfaces and high bandwidth connectivity are a must.

One point to remember is that this is not a static environment.  Changing demands on the underlying VPS server means that monitoring and management of the VPS environment are crucial.  That is where KVM will help deliver the goods.  It has a comprehensive suite of management tools to do exactly this.

Hostsailor can help you with the exact hosting option you need. If you have any queries or concerns, or just want a chat, contact us.


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