What Is SSL Certificate And SiteLock Security?

ssl and sitelock

SSL Certificate And SiteLock Security – Know What They Are

The internet can offer many things, like social connections, knowledge, and most importantly, business. Recently, the way we do business has changed a lot, with more focus on contactless transactions. More and more people now prefer online purchases. Businesses are going online to offer their products and services. The increase in e-commerce transactions has also resulted in an important problem, which is an increase in cyberattacks. Due to this, more and more website owners are searching for strict security protocols to ensure protection against cyber-attacks. Here, we will discuss two major entities of cyber security, SSL Certificate and SiteLock Security. Read on to know more.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It is also the globally accepted technology used to encrypt communication between the website server and the user. Website owners can get an SSL certificate by proving that they are the owner of the website. You should also prove that the business associated with the website is yours.

SiteLock Security

SiteLock security is software that can help keep your site safe from hackers, viruses, spam, and malware. After SiteLock is installed, it will scan all your folders and files. And also the site traffic to make sure that the website is safe. The scanning will be done automatically to ensure that your site is always safe.

SSL Certificate And SiteLock Security – Which One Do You Need?.

As a hosting service provider, we will say that your website needs both SSL and SiteLock. Both these are different entities that can solve different problems. SSL certificates and SiteLock security are not comparable and cannot substitute for each other.

Working Of SSL Certificates

To obtain an SSL certificate, you have to fill in an application form provided by the Certificate Authority. Once done, apply for the certificate. After applying, you need to upload a few documents online. After verifying the documents, the Authority will allocate an SSL certificate to your website.

Business websites interact with visitors in different ways. Some sites may ask visitors to offer specific information. As a business owner, you may wish to have the email address of the visitor. You may also want your visitor to fill out forms, provide addresses, documents, phone numbers, etc.

All these details travel from the web browser of your visitor to the server of your website. The data is stored in the website’s server and it can be made use of in the future. The data that is typed in by the user is encrypted  by SSL. The below example will let you understand the working of SSL easily.

Let us say John is a regular visitor of your site. He wishes to get updates about new products through email. He fills out a form and types in his email address. When he submits the form, the email address and other details are encrypted using the public key of your site. As the key is public, it will be available everywhere.

Once the encrypted data reaches the website server, it should be decrypted. Your website server will have the private key for your site. Using this key, the data is decrypted to reveal the details of John. The private key of a site is not accessible by the public. It will also be unique to every website. If a hacker succeeded to intercept the message, he will see only encrypted gibberish. But even high-end computers cannot decrypt it. In this way, SSL certificates establish data security.

Working Of SiteLock Security

SiteLock Security

SiteLock security is a very popular website security software. It is especially useful for small businesses. As a user of the app, you will have to pay a subscription fee every month. Then, the software will take care of the security of your site. The software is a collection of many tools. After installing SiteLock, the software will scan your site daily. The scans will check for malware attacks and all.

One of the main benefits of using SiteLock is that it is an all-in-one security solution for a site. It can detect, prevent and eliminate cyber-attacks and other threats automatically. No human help needed. It has a very efficient notification system. The app will notify you immediately when an unauthorized device tries to access private files. It will also send out notifications on every attempt to attack your site. In addition, it will record the actions of the device. And will provide you with a detailed list of the activities that were carried out.

The notification system might not seem ground-breaking. But in reality, many cyber-attacks go unnoticed for many months and even years. Knowing that there has been an attempt to attack your site will let you secure your network.

Benefits Of Having SSL Certificate And SiteLock Security

Both SiteLock and SSL can be beneficial to the security of a website. But in different ways. Therefore, it is best to use both SSL and SiteLock on your website.
• SSL certificates will encrypt the user data and thereby protect the data from hackers. On the other hand, SiteLock security ensures an all-inclusive safety of your site.
• Both SiteLock and SSL improve customer trust. SSL will inform the visitors that the website is safe to browse. The HTTPS prefix and the green lock symbol will let visitors know that your site is safe to use. On the other hand, the SiteLock badge will let visitors know that the site is protected. So that they can safely interact with it.

Bottom Line – SSL Certificate And SiteLock Security

With the increase in online business, cyber-attacks are never going down. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the number pertaining to cyber-attacks has shot up. You should put in maximum effort to ensure the safety of your site for this particular reason. In the present day scenario, users are giving significance to data privacy as well as security. Studies and surveys have shown that people do not visit unsecured websites. So, having SiteLock and SSL can impact your business sales too. So, go for it today.

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